TradeGecko: The Smart Cloud-Based Inventory Management System to Power Up Your Business

With TradeGecko’s inventory and order management system, small businesses can manage and account for all their inventory, orders, and customers in one place – streamlining operations and maximizing profit.

TradeGecko: an entrepreneurial and technological journey

TradeGecko began in 2012 when brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, along with Carl Thompson, saw a gap in the market after Carl encountered his fair share of inventory headaches when running his own clothing eCommerce business. They resolved to create a sophisticated inventory management solution and moved to Singapore to join technology accelerator JFDI – where their product came to life. read more

Finding a Smartphone with the Best Storage Solution

Before making a choice on which kind of Smartphone to purchase, consumers consider the internal storage capacity among several other factors. However, the amount of storage capacity available for use in different devices tends to differ from what is actually promised. This implies that phones with 16, 32 and 32 GB storage solution can have lesser capacity than what is indicated on product labels. One of the main reasons why such storage capacity tends to be low is the fact that the Operating System (OS) takes much of the space. Phones are also shipped with pre-installed applications, often known as Bloatware, which congest the phone’s’ storage. It has been debated whether manufacturers should be frank enough to inform the consumers on the actual space available of such Smartphones. read more

3 Reasons to Use a DSLR Stabilizer

Unless it is of thematic intention, there is no good reason for today’s era of digital filmmaking to capture a shaky and unstable footage. The mirror-less cameras and light-weight DSLRs do not possess hand mounts and are not at all suitable for handheld shots and for shouldering. Thus while using these cameras, even the slightest movement cause a lot of problems and results into shaky and unstable shots.

No matter whether you are shooting your home videos or any professional film, there are several benefits of using a DSLR stabilizer. In case you have shaky hands or in case if you are using a heavy camera for a long time to shoot footage, it becomes really very tough for you to receive a stable shot. The camera stabilizers can have versatile uses during your photo shoots and can be beneficial for those using the light attachments and microphone. Following are the three major reasons for using a camera stabilizer: read more

7 Steps To An Epic Gaming Room…On a Budget

I love playing video games. It’s my hobby and my passion.

I love it so much in fact, that I set out to build a shrine for all the video game artifacts and collector’s items that I’ve gathered over the years.

I also wanted to build an all around awesome place to plop down and enjoy my latest PS4 pickup.

Trouble was, when I set out to build the ultimate gaming room for my collection, I was instantly hit with a MAJOR price tag.

Some of the room ideas that I really liked cost upwards of $30,000!! read more

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards Under 100 Dollars

It is essential to get the right gaming keyboard, as it has a lot to do with getting the right feel, while you are playing. Most gaming keyboards have mechanical switches. These types of switches are specially designed to provide a superior audio and tactile feedback. There are a few gaming keyboards, which have silicone dome switches. These types of keyboards generally require a full press of the keystroke which can slow down the speed at which the commands are processed. Due to this, many gamers prefer mechanical keyboards for there many benefits. read more