Why should I choose an IT career?

IT is a lucrative field no matter where in the world you may be. The need for IT professionals keeps growing by the day as the field advances at a much more rapid rate than it did a decade ago. Among other factors as discussed below, the fact that the IT field is so diverse ensures that it will remain a popular career choice for a very long time to come as the world revolves ever more around technology. Although technology is always changing, many professionals look to online training courses as an easy training tool necessary to keeping those technology skills current.

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How Gaming Can Help You in Real Life

How many times has your spouse or family told you to stop playing video games? If your answer to that common question is a lot, then trust me they have no idea to what the benefits of gaming are in real life. Today, it is the twenty-first century and because of the evolving age of technology video games are now becoming more realistic in not only graphics but also in the story-line. Now, because of the changing age of technology and video games, there are now multiple reasons to how they can help you in real life. Below I am going to detail the reasons for why video games are helpful to you and others in real life.

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How to Improve Your MMORPG Experience on a Smartphone

Dedication to an MMORPG can keep you glued to your desktop computer for hours. Eventually, though, you have to rejoin the real world. Luckily, you can take some games with you. Learn how to improve your MMORPG experience, so you can have just as much fun on your smartphone as you do on your desktop.

Enhance the Sound with Headphones

Image via Flickr by Federico Ettlin

A handful of smartphones come with decent speakers. Realistically, though, it will take developers years before they make built-in speakers that can compete with headphones. By putting on a good pair of headphones or earbuds, you get better sound quality that keeps you immersed in your game.

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How to Find the Right IT Outsource Fit

Choosing to outsource your IT needs can be a big step, but there is a major benefit of IT companies. However, you want to be careful as you begin to research and select an outsource provider. While they specialize in technology, you want to know that they are prepared to help you reach your goals. Here are a few steps to take when looking for the right fit.

1.Understand Your Goals

At the very start, you need to spend some time clearly considering what exactly you want from the outsourcing relationship. You also want to clearly think about the longevity of your IT project and what results you hope to acquire.

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Qualcomm’s Soon-To-Be-Released Processor May Be Intel’s Biggest Rival

Qualcomm is set to take over the PC industry with the world’s first 48-core 10nm processor, the Centriq 2400. This processor aims to deliver improved performance with a lower power usage and is aimed for use in the newest smartphones. The processor will be released in the second half of 2017 and will rival tech giant, Intel.

In December 2016, Qualcomm announced its plan of creating its first 10nm server processor called the Centriq 2400. This second-generation Qualcomm server is the first of its type in the family of 10nm Fin Field-Effect Transistor processors.

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