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We post a ton of tech and computer tips to this blog. Sometimes some of the best tips get buried in the archives. I decided to compile a list that is the best tech tips of Dom’s Tech Blog. Enjoy!

Free ways to Fix a Slow Computer –  This post goes through quite a few ways to make your PC run faster.

How to Detect and Fix an Overheating PC – We look at the symptoms of an overheating computer and go over ways to fix the problem.

Finding Large Files in Windows – This guide can really help you free up some disk space.

Top Keyboard Shortcuts – I personally use this as a reference. Learning a few simple keyboard shortcuts can make work and projects go much quicker.

Why you should be using Malwarebytes – I use this software quite often to remove any virus/malware threats.

How to find Duplicate Images – A few quick tips to help find duplicate images.

Print Your documents from Your Phone – Quick guide that shows a way to print a document from a phone.

Avoid Getting a Virus – This comprehensive guide goes over a number of ways you can keep yourself from getting another virus.

Get Rid of Spyware and Malware – General guide about getting rid of spyware/malware.

Creating a strong password – Tips for creating a strong password.

Run a Virus Scan in Safe Mode – A guide about why and how to run a virus scan in safe mode.

Switching your laptop’s DVD drive for a SSD – Did you know you can swap an SSD in for your DVD drive. This is a great way to majorly improve the speed of your laptop.

Recommended PC Maintenance Schedule – Your PC needs regular maintenance just like any other machine. In this guide, we look at a recommended monthly maintenance schedule.

Recommended Hard Drive Setup – SSD + large SATA HDD driveBy using a small SSD for your OS and key programs plus an HDD for your larger files, you can achieve awesome price for performance for your PC.

Save Money On Brother Ink With a Coupon – Buying printer ink online with a deal/coupon can save up to 75% when compared to buying from your local store.

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