Best List Of Video Cards – The Top 5 for Your Money

This post looks into the best list of video cards compiled using the specs, prices, performance tests, and user reviews from sites like Amazon, Newegg, and Toms hardware. All 5 of the video cards in this list are solid cards, especially if you are a gamer.

I am sure any of us would love to go out and buy the $600 video card and just be done with it. However, most of us don’t have that kind of money. So, it is often best to look for the best bang for the buck. That is what this list tries to accomplish. Let’s dive right in.

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB SuperClocked GDDR5 256bit

I am going to go ahead and start with the most expensive and best video card on this list. The EVGA GeForce GTX 770 is currently right around $400. However, even at this price, it provides great performance. This card can pretty much keep up with the other cards going for $600 or more.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHZ OC 2 GB 256 -bit GDDR5

This card is a beast that comes in right around the $250 dollar price point. The Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 can still handle all the latest games without too much trouble at all. You may not be able to run everything on the highest settings, but you can get pretty close.

HIS 7790 iCooler Turbo 1GB GDDR5

If you are on a tight budget, then this is a solid card for you. This card is priced under $150 and provides great performance for the price.  This card can still play the latest games for sure. You won’t be able to play at the highest settings, but you should be lag free for the next few years with this video card.

EVGA GeForce GTX760 2GB GDDR5 256bit

If you have close to $250 to spend, the EVGA GeForce GTX760 is a great card for the money. This card perform very well with games like battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and StarCraft 2. This card should also have some staying power as well with how well this currently handles these games.

EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2048MB GDDR5

Last but not least is the EVGA GeForce GTX650. This card is currently right around the $150 price point. This card boosts a ton of great reviews and provides great performance for the money. This is a card that can handle the latest games, although not on the highest settings. The EVGA GeForce GTX650 should be able to handle the next generation of games at decent settings as well making this a great buy for anyone on a tight budget.

Generally speaking, you can’t really go wrong with any video card on this list. It really just depends on your budget and your particular needs. Know another great card for the money? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Best List Of Video Cards – The Top 5 for Your Money

    1. Dominic Post author

      I hear you, I usually spend $200-250 when I buy a video card. However, I don’t run on super high resolutions normally. I know some setups need more GPU power.

      1. dustin_leet1983

        my pc atm is i7 3770@ 4.7 ghz, Evga gtx 780 Classified, every year i spend 500-1000 on my gpu :) guess i have ocd when it comes to graphics in game, i must turn on every setting to max uber if i cant well maybe i gota upgrade lol, love the site


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