Overview of Different Cloud-Based Business Management Software

Larger businesses seem to have been quite swift to move their IT into the cloud, whereas small businesses appear to be lagging behind. Many of the smaller businesses have found themselves discouraged due to high service costs as well as a shortage of cloud suppliers of appropriate offerings. For this very reason, companies are now offering cloud tools and resources for small businesses that are consistently free.

Cloud Software for Medium to Large Companies

If you do happen to work for a large or even medium-sized companies, you will likely want a more robust cloud solution. A big company might be able to get away with free tools. However, it is likely going to be more cost efficient to use an enterprise software that is more all inclusive. One such solution is netsuite by ERP Guru. Here is a netsuite demo if interested.

What is available for free?

Free services allow an entrepreneur the ability to leverage software in order to get their company up and running. Once the company has been firmly planted and the technology and their benefits are understood, etc., small business owners are able to migrate off of them. Business owners tend to find advanced functionality within a handful of the cloud tools that software suppliers are delivering free of charge. This functionality is able to range from general business productivity applications (such as word processing) to project management.

How can developers offer products for free?

Many business owners may find themselves wondering how it is that software developers are able to offer business owners with free products. Some of them are able to generate income through the selling of ads that tend to displayed to users that are currently using the software. Other developers offer its users of the software with limited functionality at no cost. This is done in the hopes of the users opting for a more robust plan that tends to be pay as you go.

Top Free Applications

The following will guide you through the top applications that will be able to assist business owners in regards to cloud storage.

Apps on Cloud

This tool will help your business track project statuses, manage customers, organize contacts and store records from Human Resources. Additionally, you will be able to support customers through an online help portal while collaborating with your entire team through documents being stored in the cloud. The full functionality of the application if provided at no cost to users, but it does limit your total amount of data storage to 200 megabytes. There is a premium plan that is available for a $10 monthly fee and the ability to increase the data storage amount to 500 megabytes.


This is a collection of 400 applications that cover inventory, time sheets, customer relationship management, project management and more. This is an ideal option for business owners that have between 150 to 200 employees (or less). Keep in mind that Apptivo is a company that is able to generate its revenue through two ways. The first of which is through users that desire or require an increased amount of custom features of functionality. These users are able to purchase the items that they need. The second avenue of revenue comes from the fact that it directs its users to providers that are in the business of internet fax, email marketing as well as similar services.


Gramercy One of New York offers business owners with a duo of free products that are GoPromote and GoBook. These are tools that are able to assist a small business owner promote via social media platforms and websites, the managing of customers as well as the booking of services. Users are given the ability to upgrade to a paid version of GoSuite that will include: vendor management, inventory management, employee management as well as mobile payment interfaces.

These are just a few of the top cloud based apps for business owners. Know of another good one? Let us know in the comments!

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