Can you outrank Wix at their own game?

We’re nearly at the end of the Wix SEO Hero competition, and I’m sure it’s going to be a real nail-biter for the competitors! In case you haven’t heard about the competition we’ll give you the low-down. Back in November 2016, Wix launched a global competition, challenging SEO experts and guru’s around the world. The winner needs to rank first for the search term “SEO Hero”. The contestant that is eligible and succeeds in ranking first, will win a grand prize of $50k. So as you can understand, the stakes are pretty high. If Wix’s competition entry ( wins, half of the money will go to charity, and the rest will be divided between 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Why is Wix running this competition in the first place? Reading some of the material on their website, we’ve come to know the real purpose of the competition, which is actually a pretty inventive marketing technique. If you ask most people about Wix’s SEO, they will tell you that it’s not so great. The aim of the competition was to change people’s perception of Wix’s SEO capabilities, and to open up the conversation to the wider public. According to the website builder, Wix sites are able to rank, and rank well! Even John Mueller of Google said that Wix is fine for search.

So now is their chance to prove that it doesn’t matter which platform you use. SEO is all about putting hard work and dedication into the optimization of a website and following Google’s guidelines. Recently Wix has made some updates in this regard, to improve SEO for their users. I assume the competition was an added marketing technique for people to take notice.

The competition seems pretty intense, and competitors are going all out. Wix claims that there have been multiple negative SEO attacks on their website that have done some serious damage to their SEO. You can read more about that over here:

Wix too has been updating their website, they’ve created this video that includes some of their personal SEO Heroes, such as: Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts and John Mueller making a cameo appearance. Matt Cutts even took notice and responded on Twitter.

The video is pretty hilarious., If you’re into SEO you will definitely be in on the jokes.

In any case, we’re very much looking to finding out who will receive the title of “SEO Hero”. We’ll keep you posted about the competition and final results, so stay tuned!

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