Is Wix Code The New Answer For Developers And Web Designers?

Wix, a leader in the DIY free website builder space, has recently launched a product called Wix Code that makes it easier for developers and designers to create an interactive website. In this post, we look at Wix Code to see if it is right for you.

Wix Code Overview

Wix Code offers templates for websites driven by data. Some of the key features are a database with unlimited storage, easy to use user input forms, dynamic pages, and an API. The general idea is that instead of programming a website, or hiring something to program a website, from scratch you can use Wix Code to do the same thing and save yourself time and money. Wix code makes it easy to create a dynamic and interactive website with little to no programming experience. This is all done on Wix’s servers, so no need to manage your own servers or databases.

Is Wix Code Right For You?

Wix Code has a large number of applications. A number of the features like the database setup, user input forms, and dynamic pages require little to no programming experience at all as these are all created using Wix’s interface. So, for example, if you own a local business and need to collect and store input from your customers, Wix Code may be a great fit for you. With its database builder and input form tools, you can easily setup a form to collect data from your customers and store it in your database. You could then access the data directly in the database, or use Wix Code again to create a page to access this data from your customers.

Wix Code, with its advanced features like the API and JavaScript backend, is also a great tool for programmers looking to build a more interactive website that requires a decent amount of user interaction and input. Also, the API opens up a number of possibilities for you to customize your website. For example, say you are a fitness trainer and you need your clients to enter what they ate for the day and what exercise they did into your website. Wix Code would provide a great way to set something like this up without needing to do a ton of programming.

Who is Wix Code Not Right For?

If you are someone or an organization that needs a lot of advanced control over their website, then Wix code may not be the best for you. If you have a ton of traffic to the point where you need your own server racks, you likely won’t want to use Wix Code. If you have a ton of data that needs to be stored in a particular way and optimized regularly, then you likely won’t want to use Wix code. Summing it up, if you are an enterprise sized organization, you may want to develop your data models and website code internally. However, if you are an enterprise sized organization, you likely have a full team managing your website and data. Wix code seems to be aimed at individuals or smaller companies who don’t have the time or budget to manage an advanced website.

How Can I Get Wix Code?

Wix Code will be offered as an optional add-on to their current website builder and free landing page templates. Wix Code is currently in Beta, but should be released very soon. If you want to try Wix Code now, you can sign up for the beta here:

Overall, I would recommend Wix Code for a lot of different applications. Wix Code will work great for any individual or small organization that needs an interactive website. Wix Code is still in Beta, so it will be interesting to see what kind of additions and improvements they will make in the upcoming months. Have you tried the Wix Code beta? If so, let me know what you think in the comments!

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