Why should I choose an IT career?

IT is a lucrative field no matter where in the world you may be. The need for IT professionals keeps growing by the day as the field advances at a much more rapid rate than it did a decade ago. Among other factors as discussed below, the fact that the IT field is so diverse ensures that it will remain a popular career choice for a very long time to come as the world revolves ever more around technology. Although technology is always changing, many professionals look to ITonlinelearning for an easy training solution, necessary to keeping those technology skills current.

The demand

It has become a part of everyday life that businesses trade not only on their physical premises, but online as well. There are in fact some companies that only trade online. This is, of course, the exception to the rule, but the very fact that it is possible to run a business exclusively online speaks volumes about the world of Information Technology today.

With this comes a great demand for web security, web design and development, not to mention ensuring that communication between you and your customers happens quickly and smoothly.

Never has there been such demand for certified IT experts and this demand will only keep growing. It is an extremely diverse field with careers ranging from 1st line support to ethical hacking, from administration to web development. The choices when choosing to study IT are endless.

The reward

Virtually every career in IT has a very alluring starting salary. With entry level jobs such as 1st and 2nd line support boasting salaries of up to £21,000 and more high-ranking jobs such as Senior Web Designer paying up to £36,000, it is a field that sells itself.

The important factor here is experience. Maintaining a career for an extended amount of time and building said experience will only see your salary grow with time. Something that is easy to do if you are in a job that you are passionate about.

Not only is there good money in IT, but job satisfaction is a massive drawing point for the IT sector. Seeing your hard work on a newly designed website go live for the world to see or ensuring that systems of a large corporation are running optimally can be hugely satisfying.

Best of two worlds

Many students that are endeavoring to break into the IT field earn money whilst they are studying. Some do this to pay for their actual studies, while others do it merely for the experience, which fills out a CV nicely. Freelance work is available in many organisations looking for new blood in their IT department and it often happens that, once they have completed their studies, students will be offered a job by the company that they have done freelance work at.

Express yourself

Careers such as those of a Web Designer can often come with the added benefit of freedom of creativity. Although you need to remain professional and within certain boundaries, most businesses will give their designers a certain amount of artistic licence.

A website that is dull and monotonous can easily put the user off to the peril of your organization. Keeping it interesting, to the point and easy to use will ensure that more people spend more time on the site and the more time they spend there, the more interested they will become in what you have to offer.

The world as a whole has accepted that Information Technology is here to stay. It lends convenience to our lives, it brings our businesses to the customer and even broadens our knowledge of the world around us. It is a good business to be in and business is good.

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