Top Tips for Looking After Your New Macbook

A new Macbook is undoubtedly an exciting new investment. Regardless of model, storage capacity or color, your sleek, shiny, new machine needs care and attention in order to work at its optimum. It may sound daunting, especially for those who have never owned a Macbook before, but by paying attention to just a few key care areas, you and your new technology will get along swimmingly. Read on to find out the top tips for looking after your new Macbook!

Cases and Cleaning
Let’s start with the basics: put a hard case on your new Macbook. A Macbook ‘shell’ is a small but incredibly worthwhile investment that will help you to avoid general wear and tear, but could also potentially save your Macbook from more severe damage, for example if you were to drop it or spill something on or near it. Increase protection for your Macbook even further by simply buying a carry case to ensure safe transit and a keyboard cover and screen protector to keep the rest of the device clean. Wipe the entirety of the Macbook, particularly the keyboard and screen, with a slightly damp microfiber cloth regularly to prevent it from gathering dust. Finally, dust and dirt can be removed from the hinge between the screen and the base of the Macbook with a small, clean paintbrush or makeup brush.

There are various third party providers of insurance for your new Macbook, but Apple themselves are a always a safe, respectable choice. Macbook insurance will offer you comprehensive cover for your device, with perks including: service and support coverage for three years from the day of purchase, global repair coverage and finally, easy access to support staff who know your Macbook and its features inside out and can solve practically any issue.

Avoiding Viruses
A common mistake made by both new and seasoned Macbook owners is thinking that the devices are impenetrable to viruses, malware and other cyber-attacks. This is not true! Whilst Apple employ extremely sturdy infrastructures on all of their products, it is possible for your Macbook to contract harmful viruses. One important step in keeping your Macbook safe is trying to stick to downloading applications from the Apple App Store only, as opposed to online sources. This is because all of the software in the App Store is certified as safe. Installing an antivirus program on your Macbook and undertaking regular system scans will also help to ensure that your device remains secure – you can find this software in the App Store. Finally, and as with most laptops and notebooks, never open links in emails from unknown senders or visit websites that are marked by your browser as unsafe.

Love Your Macbook
So there we have it, a few tips for getting the best out of your new Macbook that even newbies can handle. Essentially, treat your Macbook with respect and it will enhance your life massively in return. Mostly, enjoy it!

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