Three Reasons you Should Take out Mobile Insurance for Your New Smartphone

Whether you use it for work, private use, entertainment, or an all-round digital aid, your smartphone is a valuable asset and needs to be protected. You may feel that wrapping your new smartphone in a reliable protective case is protection enough, but no matter how careful you are, it still remains vulnerable. Taking out insurance on your new smartphone is the only way to get real protection and here are three reasons why:


It doesn’t matter how careful anyone is when handling their smartphone. They are still vulnerable devices, despite recent innovations to make them tougher. Because they are so often carried around and are used in almost every setting, smartphones are vulnerable to damage and loss. Many people think they are so cautious that they will never damage or lose their phone. There have been a lot of surveys conducted on the subject, and different figures are referred to, but a good half of smartphone owners surveyed have reported their handset getting damaged or lost. A significant number reported damage by simply accidentally dropping their phone down a toilet. Repairs to handsets are expensive, and complete replacement can be even more so. Insurance can offset these costs, and in some instances provide a completely new replacement handset at no extra cost, providing the right type of policy has been chosen.


Sadly, there is still a hot market in second hand smartphones, and thieves are always on the lookout for opportunities. Police statistics indicate that literally hundreds of thousands of mobile phones are stolen every year. Taking out an insurance policy that offers a replacement handset at no additional cost is one way of protecting against the heavy costs of replacing a stolen handset. Women are more vulnerable to having their phone stolen; a lot of handsets are carried in handbags which make them more susceptible to theft. Men sometimes carry their phones in work bags and again this makes them more vulnerable.


Today’s smartphones are extremely reliable, but they do go bad. The more complex they become, and the more functions that are offered, the more there is to break down. Despite the number of mobile repair shops that have sprung up, repairs are still costly, and there is the inconvenience of waiting for the handset to be repaired.

There really is only one way to get complete peace of mind and completely cover anything that goes wrong with your new smartphone: take out mobile insurance. There are many policies available, and some cover only specific areas, such as loss or theft. Click for examples. Others cover every eventuality. It is important to choose the right kind of cover that will best match your lifestyle and the way in which you will be using your smartphone. Check out how many claims can be made in a twelve month period, and whether accessories can be covered, as well as checking if the policy is still valid if you are abroad. Getting the right policy will save you money.

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