What tech do you need for showing up in local SEO

What is permanent about local SEO? The only thing permanent about local SEO is that it keeps on changing every day. You have a trend working for you today. Tomorrow, you will find that it has become an obsolete one. You need to embrace new techniques. Therefore, improvisation is the key to success in local SEO.

Local SEO strategies boil down to very simple aspects. They are optimizing your on-site SEO and off-site SEO strategies. Every strategy you apply in local SEO boils down to either of these two categories. Let us look at the ways you can do better in local SEO.

Local SEO is all about ranking on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. Adopting the techniques listed below will help you ace the rankings. But, the effort should be a sustained one and not a one-off affair. Reaching the top is always easier as compared to staying there.

a)    Google My Business (GMB) – Listing and Optimizing

The principal objective of any online marketing campaign is to announce your presence in the market. No one knows your business better than you do. Hence, the onus is on you to do the marketing. Having a listing in Google My Business is the first thing you should do in order to succeed in local SEO.

Is it that difficult to do so? On the contrary, it does not take you more time to complete the listing than you take to finish the coffee on your table. Access the official website of Google My Business and complete the simple formalities like listing out your business name, address, phone numbers, and category. Google does a simple verification. Completing these citations allows you to have a listing on GMB. You can upload your sitemap, include directions to your business, add business timings, and customer reviews. All these factors play an important role in ensuring your website reaches the top of the SERPs.

b)    Have a listing in all local directories

More than 80% of people search for local businesses online. What does this signify? It entails that one should have an online presence in order to be successful. Have a listing in all the local directories and citations. This is the best way to make your presence felt in the industry. There are online directories like Yelp, Citysearch, and so on. Your local Chamber of Commerce will have the list of all online directories. Have a listing in your favorite niche is in order. You should also try to have a listing on other niches connected with yours. A cab operator can list with a transport website. He can also have a listing in the travel websites as well. People looking for sightseeing information need cabs to travel. Therefore having a listing in all relevant directories is essential.

The point to note here is that one should be consistent with their information. Furnishing inconsistent information can confuse the search engine bots into thinking that the information belongs to two different websites. This will affect your ranking a great deal. Rely on Tribe Local’s directory listing software program and avail attractive discounts. You can climb the search engine rankings at the same time.

c)    Title and Meta descriptions help a lot

What is the first thing a person notices while specifying his search on the local SEO? You come across the title and Meta description. People read these descriptions before clicking on the website. Hence, this is a sort of a preface to the book. Therefore, it should be your endeavor to make the description interesting to read and informative at the same time. The content should lead the customer towards the website.

Title tags and Meta description tags have restrictions on the number of characters. Therefore, it becomes important to cram up the maximum information within the specified limit. Use this aspect wisely and ensure that the description and titles have the primary keywords that could help the visitor to enter the website to seek more information. The more the traffic towards the website, the higher is the rank on the SERP.

d)    Go Mobile:

An overwhelming majority of people are comfortable with the use of the mobile for searching for information on the internet. Hence, it becomes imperative for websites to have a mobile presence. Google has changed its algorithm to give preference to websites having a mobile presence. This should be encouragement enough for businesses to make the shift and invest in a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile app is also a great way of improving your presence in local SEO.


Local SEO is of prime importance for the success of any business. Every business should strive to formulate a strong local SEO strategy in order to rank high on the SERP. The points discussed above can certainly help businesses achieve this objective.

Author Bio – Shishir is an ex-startup entrepreneur currently working on kickstarting inbound marketing for a Silicon Valley startup. Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using creative content.

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