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How is Technology Revolutionizing the Car Industry?

Technology seems to be transforming every facet of modern life and the car industry is certainly no different. Thanks to a host of innovative features, getting from one place to another has never been easier. Let us take a brief look at three sectors which have been dramatically impacted as well as the benefits that consumers can now enjoy.

The Car Industry

Besides devices such as built-in GPS systems, one of the most staggering innovations involves the growing presence of the driverless car. To be fair, this idea has been around for some time. However, there were a number of hurdles which required more advanced technological solutions. read more

The 3 Most High Tech Cars

Technology keeps improving everywhere around us and the car industry is no exception. Everywhere you look, you are seeing cars that now feature voice commands, auto-tinting mirrors and glass, back up cameras, and even a few solar panels. You would expect that the luxury cars would be the most technologically advanced cars, however, many standard brands are adding all kinds of features as well. Let’s take a look at the 3 most high tech cars on the market today.

Tesla Model S

This Tesla Model S is packed to the brim with tech savvy features. It is equipped with a massive 17 inch display where most cars CD and radio controls would be. This car includes a navigation system and premium audio system that the 17-inch screen can be used to control. Like many other cars, this car is also equipped with a backup camera, Bluetooth capability, and dual USB ports. The car itself is also a 100% electric car which makes it pretty high tech as well. All of these features make this car pretty technologically advanced. This car is also pretty pricy, with the base starting price around $70,000. read more