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The Advent Of Social Media Influencers And Their Impact

Social media influencers have become very common when it comes to marketing of products and brands. In fact, most people now prefer them than any other social media marketing strategy. The fact that more individuals are spending time online gives more light to the importance of social media influencers in pulling masses. It is important to note though that influencers are not just people with a large number of following on their profiles only. Influencers that can move masses and bring in a great audience need to be people who are pros when it comes to social media strategies. Therefore the skills are more important than just the numbers. Yes the number of followers matter but still without a proper plan the followers cannot be harnessed correctly. read more

Don’t Kid Yourself: Internet Privacy Is an Oxymoron

On his blog, marketing leader Seth Godin pointed out that it’s a little late to start worrying about privacy on the Internet; we signed it away the moment we handed our personal information over to the social networking machine. The main thing when it comes to privacy on the Internet is this: Don’t share any more than you want to, becauseĀ as soon as you’ve shared something, it’s out there. You can’t take it back.

It’s a matter of technology, of legal precedent, and it’s a matter of the way that our culture is evolving. Perhaps most of all, it’s simply a matter of the Internet being incompatible with privacy by its very definition. The Internet can be thought of not so much as a web or a network or a “series of tubes,” but as a single unit where all of our information goes. Anyone can add anything they want, and anyone can take anything they want out of it. If you’re sharing information, just assume that anybody who could possibly want it has access to it. Some companies may offer some degree of privacy in that they won’t sell your information to advertisers, but advertisers have plenty of info on you already. read more

5 Unexpected Ways to Utilize Social Media

The number of social networking platforms has increased dramatically from the days when you had to decide between using Facebook, MySpace, or Friendster. There are now hundreds of websites where information and multimedia are shared and users can voice opinions, make comments, and share all sorts of information. Global consumers now have many innovative and meaningful methods of engaging with other people, brands, and campaigns that are of interest to them, using blogs, Pinterest accounts and even their video game consoles. Check out the following ways that social media continues to revolutionize the world we live in today. read more