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Three Reasons you Should Take out Mobile Insurance for Your New Smartphone

Whether you use it for work, private use, entertainment, or an all-round digital aid, your smartphone is a valuable asset and needs to be protected. You may feel that wrapping your new smartphone in a reliable protective case is protection enough, but no matter how careful you are, it still remains vulnerable. Taking out insurance on your new smartphone is the only way to get real protection and here are three reasons why:


It doesn’t matter how careful anyone is when handling their smartphone. They are still vulnerable devices, despite recent innovations to make them tougher. Because they are so often carried around and are used in almost every setting, smartphones are vulnerable to damage and loss. Many people think they are so cautious that they will never damage or lose their phone. There have been a lot of surveys conducted on the subject, and different figures are referred to, but a good half of smartphone owners surveyed have reported their handset getting damaged or lost. A significant number reported damage by simply accidentally dropping their phone down a toilet. Repairs to handsets are expensive, and complete replacement can be even more so. Insurance can offset these costs, and in some instances provide a completely new replacement handset at no extra cost, providing the right type of policy has been chosen. read more

Keyless Entry Systems: Lockitron Unlocks Doors with Smartphone Devices

Starting this year, several smartphone-controlled home-locking systems are scheduled to be released, a development that could soon make losing your keys never an issue. The public appears to have an appetite for such devices as proven by the successful crowdfunding campaign of Lockitron. The startup exceeded its funding goal by 1,000 percent in only a few days, according to LifeHacker. At $1.5 million and counting, people are pouring money towards the concept of a remotely locked home.


Lockitron is a straightforward device. Fitting over your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door, it communicates with your phone over Wi-Fi. Using an app on your phone, you simply press a button to lock and a button for unlock. As long as you have Internet connection, you can control entry into your house from anywhere in the world. read more

The Future for Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is fast becoming so much more than a mere communication device. For many people, it has already effectively become the remote control handset for their lives.

Despite still usually being referred to as a mobile it incorporates a dizzying array of functions that used to have their own separate boxes, and not too long ago at that. There’s the entertainment device, the organizer, the security center and the payment device to name a few, all exquisitely designed and developed by precision engineers. read more

Nokia’s E5 – still supporting businesses

Smartphones have made major progress in recent years, but for some businesses that simply raises more and more concerns about security.

With an ever-increasing array of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, mobile phones are becoming more at-risk of external attacks, and for the biggest businesses that means it’s harder to protect data.

It is perhaps little wonder, then, that there is still significant demand from businesses looking for people to sell used Nokia E5 phones to them. read more

Print your Documents through your Smartphone

Today, we all are living in the era of Smartphones. As the phones are getting Smarter day by day, everybody is now looking to replace their PC and perform tasks on the phone itself. In this post, I will show you an interactive method by which you can print your documents through your Smartphone, no matter where you are. If you are away from Wi-Fi, you will need to use Mobile data for this. So let’s start.

The General Problem:

The technology of Phones has evolved quite impressively, however, still the link between the Printer and the Phone is not that productive and efficient yet. So, if you’re using Blackberry, Android, or iPhone you probably want to get some email attachments, pictures or even presentations printed that are on your phone. If you use one of the major platforms, there are always app’s that will create the link between your printer and your phone pretty well. However, the majority of those apps aren’t free. So let’s look at the free alternative to get the things done. In this method we will use the Dropbox Service. read more