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2018 trends of SEO technologies

This is the age of technology. The beauty of technology is that it is changing every day. That which is the trend today might just become outdated tomorrow. Online marketing techniques have come to stay. When you have online marketing, SEO comes into the picture. The principal objective of SEO is to take your business website to the top of the SERPs.

Every year you see new algorithm updates that set the rules for SEO technologies to follow. The year 2017 did not see many algorithms or updates. Nevertheless, it had been an exciting year for SEO. The technologies that came up in 2017 were SMERUSH, Tribelocal, and AHREF, etc. These technologies have tremendous scope in 2018 as well. However, we shall look at some exciting new trends in SEO technologies that could emerge in 2018. read more

Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that aims to rank a website higher in the search engines. This is done by optimizing the website for specific keywords that are relevant to the site.

There are many different processes to look at. Google apparently has around 200 different factors that affect the search rankings of a website. These include meta tags, content and external factors such as backlinks from other websites and social media.

Our beginners guide is aimed at helping you to understand some of these factors. If you are unsure about applying these to your website then you might want to consider using an SEO agency. If you go down this route I would suggest doing some thorough research before setting on an agency. If possible use an agency that are doing a good job for a company that you know. read more