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6 Ways to Fix a Slow Mac

Most Mac users have experienced a slow Mac at least once. Fixing a slow Mac is very easy and inexpensive since most of the solutions are free. The following solutions will help to fix your slow Mac.

1. Spring Clean Your Mac

You can fix a slow Mac by emptying the trash, reducing widgets and applications, and cleaning the desktop. To clean the desktop, remove all unnecessary things that can use your computer”s virtual memory and space and store them in a folder. Emptying the trash bin creates more free space on your Mac as well. Also, spring clean your Mac by removing unused or unwanted files, software, and applications that may be occupying valuable space. You should also remove widgets since they waste a lot of hard drive space. read more

Where to Buy Ram Memory

Ram Memory can be a difficult thing for the novice computer user to purchase. The main reason for this is that only certain types of memory are compatible with specific computers. To add to the complexity, when buying ram, you also have the option of whether to buy budget memory, normal memory, or performance RAM. If you are considering performance RAM, you can check out this article to see if it is worth it for you. Let’s look at ways to make sure you get the correct memory for your specific and let’s answer the question of where to buy RAM memory. read more

Virtual Memory Overuse Can Lead to a Slow Computer

If your computer is short on the random access memory (RAM) needed to run a program or operation, Windows uses virtual memory to compensate. Virtual memory essentially combines your computer’s memory with temporary space on your hard drive. When you run low on physical memory, virtual memory moves data from RAM to a space called a paging file. Moving data to and from the paging file frees up RAM to complete its work. However, if your computer has to use virtual memory often, it could lead to a slow computer. read more

The Noob’s Guide to Building a Gaming Computer: 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Mistakes on Your First Build

Since starting Elite Gaming Computers, I’ve seen a number of simple mistakes that a lot of first-time builders make. Most first-time builders have a steep learning curve and so it’s only natural that a lot of them will make these silly mistakes.

However, making a silly mistake is a pretty big thing when building a computer. It could mean the difference between frying your computer and getting a system that works well for a long time. And, so it’s important that you make sure you have a solid understanding of how to avoid this problems. read more

How to Build a Gaming Computer

Are you a big time gaming lover? Do you really enjoy playing all different types of video games? Definitely you do! What is the hurdle for most of us when it comes to building your own PC? You possibly have no understanding of how the parts go together. You may also be wondering what parts you need for a gaming PC. Do not panic because in this article I am going to share a few good things that will encourage you to build your own PC for gaming.

The important components in terms of setting up a custom built PC are a processor, top end memory and plenty of it, and an incredibly strong graphics card. You will also want a solid motherboard to handle all these parts as well and at least one hard drive. These are the vital components, however, keep in mind you will also need a case and power supply. read more