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Best Gaming Mouse Under $50


There are a ton of great gaming mice on the market today. If you are a big PC gamer, having a mouse that is built for gaming is essential. A long time ago, I played with a normal, non-gaming mouse. I finally decided to give a mouse specifically made for gaming a try. The difference was unbelievable and I never looked back. The gaming mouse was more precise, more comfortable, more durable, and had other features a normal mouse just didn’t have.

Many gaming mice can get pretty pricy though. However, just because a mouse costs a lot of money doesn’t mean it is the best. In this post, I look for the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars. read more

5 State of The Art Computer Mice

It is one of the most revolutionary computer peripherals ever designed. Even though it may look like no big deal nowadays, the computer mouse allowed the advent of the modern GUI’s (graphic user interfaces) which all computer users have grown accustomed to, in the most widespread operating systems such as Windows, Apple (and more recently), Linux.

At this point in the age of information, most people take the computer mouse (or its younger sibling, the touchpad) for granted. But for many, the mouse is more than a computer peripheral — it’s a fundamental work tool that’s worth investing good money into. If you can relate with that feeling and you require a sophisticated and precise pointing device, this article will present you to the five most impressive and state of the art computer mice now available on the market. read more

The 5 Most Advanced Computer Mice (infographic)

Here is a cool infographic we put together looking at the top 5 most advanced computer mice. This infographic includes the Apple Magic Mouse, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, the Logitech Cube, the Evoluent VerticalMouse, and the Razer Naga Epic. All 5 of these are pretty unique in their own way.

If you own a blog or website, feel free to post this to your blog if you would like. Here is an embed code:

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