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5 Cool iPad Air Accessories

So you recently bought your brand new iPad Air and you are enjoying every bit of it. Well, you are not alone, as this amazing gadget has successfully grabbed the attention of millions of people around the world. The demand has tremendously increased and soon the company plans to expand its market. Launched on November¬†1st 2013 in 40 countries, iPad Air is the fifth generation tablet which incorporates amazing features and class. But, since it is an Apple product, it seems incomplete without funky accessories attached to it. So, if you’re already enjoying the new iPad Air, and still feeling that something is incomplete, here are 5 cool iPad Air accessories that you need to invest in ASAP. read more

iPad Air VS iPad 4

Apple has recently announced its all new iPad Air, subsequently a successor to the iPad 4. Apple’s fifth-generation tablet is finally up for sale on the market and has successfully grabbed lots of looks in the very first month. Assuming that you are not interested in Android or Windows 8, iPad Air can be a good pick if you are looking forward to investing in a good tablet. However, many people are already confused whether they should invest their hard earned cash in iPad 4 or iPad Air. If you are one of them, the below detailed comparison can help you make a better choice based on your preference. read more