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Best Gaming Computer Case – The Top 4!

Choosing the best computer case for gaming is crucial when you are planning out the parts needed for the next build. An awesome PC case can also be a great way to upgrade your current rig. The first time I built a PC, I went with a pretty cheap case. My gaming PC would run hot and it was a huge hassle every time I needed to get inside my case to make a change. I haven’t made this mistake since. By choosing a solid tower, you can keep your critical hardware running cool while at the same time keeping the inside of your PC organized. Also, if you are thinking about overclocking, you need a case with great airflow. Let’s get right to the best gaming computer cases! read more

The Noob’s Guide to Building a Gaming Computer: 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Mistakes on Your First Build

Since starting Elite Gaming Computers, I’ve seen a number of simple mistakes that a lot of first-time builders make. Most first-time builders have a steep learning curve and so it’s only natural that a lot of them will make these silly mistakes.

However, making a silly mistake is a pretty big thing when building a computer. It could mean the difference between frying your computer and getting a system that works well for a long time. And, so it’s important that you make sure you have a solid understanding of how to avoid this problems. read more