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Effectively Using Data Recovery Software

At Gillware Data Recovery, we have a bit of a complicated relationship with data recovery software. When used properly, it can rescue those family photos or Quickbooks files you’ve lost and save your computer a trip to a computer repair expert (or a data recovery lab). On the other hand, when used improperly, data recovery software can make your situation worse.

Effectively Using Data Recovery Software

Software tools for retrieving lost files can either be a help or a hindrance. Used in the right hands and in the right situation, an app to recover your lost files can be your white knight… or your bête noir. read more

External Hard Drive: Data Recovery Made Easy

An external hard drive is a handy gadget that has become very popular nowadays because they can store huge amounts of personal and business files. However, even though it delivers high speed transfers and reliability, it is always good to have a back-up plan in case of unexpected data loss. Data loss usually occurs as a result of two common factors: a physical fault with the hard disk itself, or a software related problem.

It’s no surprise that due to the complexity of modern hard drives, something could go wrong and cause data loss. In fact, this is the most common factor that leads to loss of data in external hard disks. Depending on the type and nature of failure, you can follow some simple steps to recover the data yourself without involving a professional. read more