Resize Many Images All At Once

So, often times you may be required to re-size or crop pictures for day to day use. Resizing can be done with any software. Even the Microsoft Picture editor can do that easily. You could try your hand with the old Paint if you just need to re-size a single image. However, it can be a mess and quite time consuming if you have to re-size many images rather than just one image.  If you have access to it, you could use a heavy duty image editing software like such as Photoshop to solve the problem. However, not everyone has the need for the full, and expensive, Photoshop software package. So what to do if you’re not willing to make the leap for an expensive piece of software like Photoshop?


DropBox To the Rescue:

Here is a trick which allows you to do all of the resizing at once. There is a Dropbox add-on that can help you re-size multiple images without actually requiring you to install any additionally software. The option is called SizzlePig.
This app, SizzlePig, automatically connects to your DropBox account and can intercept any picture that you place inside a specified DropBox folder. Now, whenever you add any picture to this folder, SizzlePig will automatically resize and process that image into the required dimensions and then process it to your DropBox folder.
Also see this video for further information.

So, to get this fully working you need to mention the input and the output folders. Both of these folders need to be inside your DropBox folders and you have to mention various image dimensions that you want. That is all you should need to get started resizing a ton of images at once. Also, if you are not happy with the quality of the final images, you can always perform some changes and resizing manually to produce the desired results.

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