Pico Projectors: Are They Right For You?

In the last couple of years, a new class of video projector has been introduced to the market. Remarkably small and lightweight, this kind of devices are referred to as Pico Projectors, and various models are now available from different manufacturers. Depending on your intended uses, a Pico projector can either be a terrific gadget or an underwhelming toy. In case you’re planning to get one, this article will help you make an informed decision.

Key Benefits of Pico Projectors

If we had to summarize the key benefits in only two words, those would be: portability and flair.
When it comes to portability – we’re talking about a projector that will fit into your pocket easily – also, most Pico projectors feature a battery that allows using them anywhere for over one hour with no need for a power outlet. Can you think of any useful applications for this kind of autonomy? Let’s just say it can be extremely useful when you have to make any kind of public presentation or business meeting.

Adding that to the fact that most of these gadgets either feature internal memory of support SD cards, as well as decoding support for the most common media and document files (PDF, DOC, AVI, XLS, TXT, JPG, etc) and it should be clear there are strong potential benefits you can get out of a Pico Projector.

The flair factor that comes with being able to project a document onto any wall (without need for a computer or any other gadget asides from the actual Pico projector) will really help you stand out and make a positive impression, in any settings involving small public presentations: just approach a potential client or business partner and request 5 minutes for a quick presentation. If agreed to, pick up your PICO from the shirt pocket, turn it out, point to a wall, and work some magic while making your point. No need for heavy machinery or even a computer, no cables or power outlets required. Just point, project and present your case.

Notable Limitations of Pico Projectors

When you put a Pico projector next to a conventional projector, the difference in bulk and weight is notorious, with the small device easily attracting all the attention. When you turn on both devices side to side though, the full-scale projector will likely steal the show, and even obfuscate its baby sibling.
Whereas most projectors boast more than 1,000 lumens of intensity, the tiny variants often avail around 30-100 lumen. Putting two such devices side to side is like comparing a powerful flashlight with a candle… sure, both items perform adequately when it comes to lighting up a dark room, but the full size projector will always get the upper hand in terms of sheer luminosity and brilliance as well as in sharpness/resolution/picture quality.

Does that mean you wouldn’t enjoy watching a movie on a Pico projector? That will depend. If you’re much used to the picture quality of a full-blown projector, you may find the image quality of a Pico a bit dim and pale by comparison. But if you are not too concerned about technical perfectionisms, you can easily enjoy watching a movie or playing some video games with a Pico. What’s better, you can even do that outdoors thanks to the built-in battery in the smaller devices.

All in all, a Pico projector is a good choice for anyone who values mobility and convenience over picture excellence and advanced options. Keep in mind that most Pico’s usually sell for less than half the cost of a big projector, so you can also think of these devices as your first stepping stone into the world of projectors.

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