The Many Uses of Drones in the World Today

Drones are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Drone sales continue to rise year after year due to the wide range of things they are used for. Drones can do a ton of things from simply being a toy to being a delivery service to being used as a serious military asset. One trend recently is the usage of drones in business. Let’s take a look at a few ways drones are being used.

Drone Delivery Service

Using drones to deliver packages is starting to become a reality. One of the leaders in drone delivery is Amazon with their prime service. Although they are facing resistance in the US, they have recently set up a test in the UK to see how well a drone delivery service will work. If it works well in the UK, it is only a matter of time before the drone delivery makes its way into other parts of the world.

UPS and a few mail services have also started to test using drones to deliver packages and mail. If this trend continues, it is possible that most things delivered to your house will be delivered by a drone.

Photography and Video

Drones can take video or pictures from angles and places that humans can’t easily get to. Drone photography services are being used in many ways including filming movies, helping with construction projects, and taking pictures of a house for real estate purposes. The BBC and Al Jazeera are already using drones to film overhead for their news programs.

As mentioned above, drones can get to places that people have trouble getting to. One example of drones doing this is Shell using drones to check out hard to reach places like the underside of an oil rig or the top of a tall tower.

Park rangers around the world are starting to use drones as well to keep an eye on the wild life and to track animal movements. In this situation, the drones are able to move around the large park much quicker and can see longer distances since they can fly above the trees and foliage that would block a person on the ground.

Military and Police

Drones have been used for military purposes for years now. Military drones are very advanced and can be used for many things as well. They can be used for things like scouting and information collection. However, many drones are also fitted with weapons and can be used for air strikes as well.

Many police departments are starting to adopt drone usage. Drones can help monitor high traffic areas, they can help with any chases, and can be used to capture crime scene photos.

Drones have a wide range of uses and are used regularly by commercial business and government agencies. As drone technology continues to evolve, the usage of drones will surely continue to rise as well.

Mark Taylor and Extreme Aerial Productions

A company that has adopted the many different uses of drones is Extreme Aerial Productions. EAP utilizes drones to provide aerial photography and video services for a variety of different industries, including entertainment, real estate, construction, corporate events and weddings, and more. EAP is a five person team led by Mark Taylor, whose passion for drones developed from an interest in photography almost two decades ago. EAP offers a variety of services including aerial videography and photography, 4k to 8k video editing, aerial/drone training, thermal and first responder services, and much more. Mark and his team are committed to delivering the best results for their clients by being attentive to their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.

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