The Latest Trends in Software Development


Ever since mankind has been blessed with the innovation of technology, it has evolved rapidly in different dimensions over the last decade. Software development is one such popular modernization in the field of computer technology. In today’s contemporary world, software developers have become an integral part of any organization or business. Every business wants to be up to date in terms of the application assets they can give to their clients or customers. Speaking of which, here are few latest trends in software development.

Mobile Technology

With the advent of smartphones incorporating Android OS, iOS or Windows, the usage of mobiles phones has increased by leaps and bounds. Many experts are predicting that the number of internet users on mobile devices is going to surpass desktop users soon. With that trend in mind, software developers are flocking in large number to learn how to create apps or mobile optimized websites. Learning about Mobile UI kits and web responsive design is the key here.

Cloud Computing

The custom operations of today’s organizations and enterprises are taking leverage from the cloud computing or distributed computing over a network, which has undeniably improved the whole work progression. Its ability to play a role as a managerial model has led to an increase in its demand recently.

Agile Methodologies

Software developers should have correct knowledge of agile methodologies, as it is extremely critical. Agile is basically a set of ethics that will help you from undertaking plans to daily implementation. In spite of being a general rule, Agile is moderate and continuously influences the way software developers work and the way they convey. You must recognize that waterfall methodology is becoming old fashioned. When you need predominant programming quality, an agile system is the best approach to go for. Additionally, with Agile, you can simply fuse any changes in your software.

Python or Ruby

No one can deny the fact that PHP is one of the most expansively utilized scripting languages among the web developers. And with python and ruby making their way into the industry, it’s all sweet curd for the developers. Python on django and Ruby on Rails is a perfect platform to start with. Even though they are not ideal for all kinds of projects, learning these skills is well worth the time.


After the release of Windows 8, JavaScript has found a significant position in the development space, mostly for tablets and Windows phone. Combine that with HTML5 and you mean serious business.

Unit Testing

Gone are the days when unit testing was considered a voluntary skill in a developer’s pocket. If you haven’t learned it yet, well, you have no idea what you are missing. 2013 saw a variety of frameworks and tools being put together to better support unit testing.

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