How to Find Duplicate Images on your PC

In this post we will discuss a method by which you could find all the duplicate images on your PC.  By finding duplicate images, if gives you the option to delete them, as they are unnecessarily eating up your hard drive space. First, let’s see why you might have those duplicate images.

  • Transferring your files from your your Mobile or a Camera twice or rather copying some files from one drive to another.
  • Editing a picture minutely like cropping and rotating. The software you used made another copy of the image instead of making changes to the original one.

These are two main reasons that may have created duplicate images on your hard drive. If you do not pay attention, these images could be created over time without you even noticing. So now let’s see how can find and delete these images.

Find And Delete Duplicate Images:

If you are just looking to find and delete the duplicate images from your PC, using Picasa Image Editor could be a simple and effective solution. First you need to import all of the pictures and then just go to Tools-> Experimental-> Show Duplicate . The editor will now show you duplicate images that it found in it’s photos. Also, pay attention to Not delete all the images that Picasa displays as they would also include the original ones as well.


Images that are not Duplicate but Similar:

You can always find the pictures that are exactly duplicate of each other using Google’s Picasa. However, what if you are also looking to find somewhat similar images that are not completely identical, but similar enough to delete?  To do this, you can use the software VisiPics. VisiPics is a very light and easy to use image software.

Using VisiPics, click on File -> Add Folder. You need to Add the folder where you want so scan the photos that are similar. Next, you need to adjust the filter to be close to “Strict” so that it scans those images effectively and reports any similar images. From the results window itself, you can delete the similar pictures you do not want.

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