How Gaming Can Help You in Real Life

How many times has your spouse or family told you to stop playing video games? If your answer to that common question is a lot, then trust me they have no idea to what the benefits of gaming are in real life. Today, it is the twenty-first century and because of the evolving age of technology video games are now becoming more realistic in not only graphics but also in the story-line. Now, because of the changing age of technology and video games, there are now multiple reasons to how they can help you in real life. Below I am going to detail the reasons for why video games are helpful to you and others in real life.

It will improve your communication skills

As I said above technology has evolved, and this means that there is no need to sit in a dark room alone and play video games such as Battlefield by yourself. Now, in today’s society, we have the ability to play video games online with not only our friends in real life but also people around the world. By playing video games online with other people, this can increase your communication skills in real life as in the game you will be playing along a team of different people to achieve a particular goal. That goal may either be to murder everyone else on the other team brutally or to score a goal in football but none the less you are working together to achieve something. In some games, there are team leaders, and this means as a gamer you can learn to take instructions from not only in the game but also in real life. This can result in an improved performance of your work life or school life as it shows you can learn to take instructions well which can lead to a raise or a better grade in class. This is enough evidence to show your family that video games can help you in real life.

It can improve your problem solving and researching skills

Are you always stuck trying to figure out the puzzles in video games such as Tomb Raider and Skyrim? Well, what if I told you that solving these puzzles could also improve our problem solving and researching skills in real life. This is because saying you are not able to figure out how to solve this troubling puzzle you are now able to research online on how to complete the puzzle. By taking the initiative and not giving up, it also improves your problem-solving skills as instead of giving up because you could not complete the puzzle you made a call to action. This meant you used your research skills to find out how to solve the puzzle which also improved your problem-solving skills as you were able to solve the puzzle after all. This should show your family that playing video games can help you in real life.

It can improve how you invest in stocks

Let’s be honest how many times have you used your real life money to be able to invest in a video games stock market? We have all been there and ever since Grand Theft Auto included stock markets in their franchise more people are now spending their work money on these virtual stock markets. Now, your parents or spouse may always be shouting at you because they believe that you are wasting so much money on these video game stock markets, but they need to understand that you are training for the stock markets in real life. They need to know by investing in video game stock markets you are learning how real life stock markets work and how you can find out what stocks are worth investing in. For example, because of video games such as the Grand Theft Auto franchise, one would learn to get advice on how to invest in stocks which would be to contact a brokerage firm. A brokerage firm in not only video games but also in real life will be able to tell you how to invest money into an individual stock appropriately. An example of a brokerage firm in real life would be CMC Markets. This is again enough reason to show why video games can help you in real life.

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