What Does Your Dream Office Consist Of?

It can be hard to please everyone when it comes to creating that perfect office environment, but ensuring that employees are reaching a certain level of satisfaction everyday is extremely important to the overall performance of your business. If employees enjoy the environment they work in, then their work will positively portray this, and ROI is very likely to see an increase. This infographic has been conducted by Cezanne HR and explores the idea of Britain’s ideal office. Read on to discover a break down of what Britain would like to see from their office environment; it is worth taking some tips from this infographic, as you will have a very happy workforce on your hands, as well as a successful business!

So, what’s your ideal office? An environment with minimal supervision or do you prefer to be micromanaged? What about dress code? Office perks? The results are in…


When it comes to the ideal company size, results concluded that most office workers would prefer a small company, which consists of 1-25 employees. As well as this, the ideal team size would consist of 2-4 people.


According to this survey, the majority of office workers would like a subsidized gym membership as an office perk. Following closely behind this perk was free food in the office… stay fit or stuff your face with food? We can’t seem to decide!

In regards to music, people would prefer to listen to their headphones, or have something low-key on in the background.

Over half of people who took the survey said that they would love an office dog, and beer on a Friday would be happily accepted by over 70% of office workers!


A whopping 54.3% stated that they would prefer to work from 8am-4pm every day, rather than the usual 9am-5pm. This is definitely something that should be considered when establishing office rules, as the hours that people are most motivated during will have a huge impact on your businesses performance.

For more interesting office features, take a look at this infographic – do you agree with the results? Can you apply some of these practices to your working environment?

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