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Benefits of a Virtual PBX

First of all, you might be wondering what a virtual PBX is. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within a company. One that is hosted virtually is simply a PBX that is cloud based. Switching your phone system is no small ordeal. However, using a virtual PBX over a proprietary system has a number of benefits. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of using a virtual PBX.

#1 Ease of installation

Although there will still be challenges when it comes to installing and setting up your virtual PBX, it generally is easier to setup compared to a proprietary system. Often times, a proprietary system will need a professional trained on that particular system to set it up. A virtual PBX can often be setup by someone with a networking background, especially if getting help from your virtual PBX provider.

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Can you outrank Wix at their own game?

We’re nearly at the end of the Wix SEO Hero competition, and I’m sure it’s going to be a real nail-biter for the competitors! In case you haven’t heard about the competition we’ll give you the low-down. Back in November 2016, Wix launched a global competition, challenging SEO experts and guru’s around the world. The winner needs to rank first for the search term “SEO Hero”. The contestant that is eligible and succeeds in ranking first, will win a grand prize of $50k. So as you can understand, the stakes are pretty high. If Wix’s competition entry ( wins, half of the money will go to charity, and the rest will be divided between 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

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Three Reasons you Should Take out Mobile Insurance for Your New Smartphone

Whether you use it for work, private use, entertainment, or an all-round digital aid, your smartphone is a valuable asset and needs to be protected. You may feel that wrapping your new smartphone in a reliable protective case is protection enough, but no matter how careful you are, it still remains vulnerable. Taking out insurance on your new smartphone is the only way to get real protection and here are three reasons why:


It doesn’t matter how careful anyone is when handling their smartphone. They are still vulnerable devices, despite recent innovations to make them tougher. Because they are so often carried around and are used in almost every setting, smartphones are vulnerable to damage and loss. Many people think they are so cautious that they will never damage or lose their phone. There have been a lot of surveys conducted on the subject, and different figures are referred to, but a good half of smartphone owners surveyed have reported their handset getting damaged or lost. A significant number reported damage by simply accidentally dropping their phone down a toilet. Repairs to handsets are expensive, and complete replacement can be even more so. Insurance can offset these costs, and in some instances provide a completely new replacement handset at no extra cost, providing the right type of policy has been chosen.

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Learn About the Safety of Using Kik Messenger for Communication

From the day when this chat application was introduced, it has gathered four million registered users. Every day this application witness addition of several million users. Thus, Kik has grown massive, and increasingly used by people from all corners of the world.

Though it is easy and exciting to use this application, learning about its safety features is equally important to use it to the fullest.

How Kik works?

To know about the level of security that Kik application provides, it is important to understand the working mechanism of this application. In order to sign up and access your Kik Login, a person needs to provide a few important things that include an email address, a display name, a distinct username, a password and a photo (optional).

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Free WordPress Blog Setup 101

So you’ve finally decided to start that blog you’ve been promising to do for what seems ages. But, where do you begin? If you’re like the average person, you probably know little or next to nothing about starting a blog.

This is the short quick version to get you started building a blog. Want a more spilled-out version? Check this thorough version. If you have no intention of spending any money initially, I recommend you start with a free blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). In less geeky terms, it is the engine that literally runs your blog so that you don’t have to learn how to write the code. WordPress is available free at or as a self-hosted blog. For a free blog on a sub-domain, the blog address is in the format, for example, The instructions that follow deal with setting up a free blog on

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