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The Powerful Evolution of the Humble Text

Text messages are a normal part of using a smartphone in our current society. On-screen keyboards make it easy to type a message and send it to the recipient in no time flat. But texting used to be a chore since the keyboard was the only input. Early texting relied on the use of emoticons rather than today’s emojis, and only if the keypad had the ability to shift to use symbols. Now texting is as easy as speaking into the phone for speech to text, sliding a finger over the keyboard, or furiously typing with both thumbs. Here’s a look at how the humble text has evolved. read more

What Does Your Dream Office Consist Of?

It can be hard to please everyone when it comes to creating that perfect office environment, but ensuring that employees are reaching a certain level of satisfaction everyday is extremely important to the overall performance of your business. If employees enjoy the environment they work in, then their work will positively portray this, and ROI is very likely to see an increase. This infographic has been conducted by Cezanne HR and explores the idea of Britain’s ideal office. Read on to discover a break down of what Britain would like to see from their office environment; it is worth taking some tips from this infographic, as you will have a very happy workforce on your hands, as well as a successful business! read more

RPA and The Workforce Revolution

Robotic process automation is the idea of introducing software robots into a workforce, in order to get mundane tasks completed that ordinary office workers do not enjoy doing and waste time carrying out. RPA software has the potential to revolutionize offices around the globe, but as it is fairly new, not all companies are aware of it. Companies that operate in older industries tend to cling on to traditional values and methodologies, unaware that the world of RPA is right on their doorstep, ready to produce beneficial results. It has been proved that RPA will help to provide a better quality of service for customers, lower running costs for the whole organization and greater productivity amongst the whole team. Software robots will definitely free staff from repetitive clerical functions, allowing them to focus on creative work, managerial responsibilities and communications with customers. As you can see, the long term result will be a more rewarding and enjoyable career. read more

The Impact That Technology Has On Businesses

It is no secret that technology is the most advanced it has ever been and continues to push forward… rapidly. With the ever changing world of internet and mobile technology affecting every person on this planet, it is not surprising to see businesses struggling to keep up with the latest trends. The progress in technology has had an impact on near enough all aspects of business operations, but when used correctly, there is nothing but positive changes. There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized many companies and will continue to do so for years to come. It is time for traditional businesses to step out of their comfort zones and see what the incredible world of technology can offer for them. read more

General Motors Switch to Electric Cars: How Will This Impact the Future of Auto Tech?

GM is joining the gravitation towards hybrid and all-electric vehicles that has been occurring in the wider automotive environment for some time. Last week, the automaker announced it will have 20 electric cars on the road by 2023, with plans to virtually eliminate the production of all vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

Concerns for the environment play a factor but no doubt financial influences and the ability to innovate faster than rival Tesla are also present and it’s got many talking about how this move by General Motors will compare with the line of Tesla electric vehicles already on the market. It’s no secret that Tesla is one of the most influential manufacturers of e-vehicles, however, recent bottlenecks concerning the production of the Model 3 show that implementing green technology is logistically challenging. read more