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Overview of Different Cloud-Based Business Management Software

Larger businesses seem to have been quite swift to move their IT into the cloud, whereas small businesses appear to be lagging behind. Many of the smaller businesses have found themselves discouraged due to high service costs as well as a shortage of cloud suppliers of appropriate offerings. For this very reason, companies are now offering cloud tools and resources for small businesses that are consistently free.

Cloud Software for Medium to Large Companies

If you do happen to work for a large or even medium-sized companies, you will likely want a more robust cloud solution. A big company might be able to get away with free tools. However, it is likely going to be more cost efficient to use an enterprise software that is more all inclusive. One such solution is netsuite by ERP Guru. Here is a netsuite demo if interested. read more

Funny Networking and Virtualization Video

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Recently, I stumbled upon a video that may ring true to many network administrators, cloud developers, and other tech professionals in the industry. For those in one of these positions, this video takes a funny look at some serious issues you may be currently facing in your job.

This video was put together by VMWare, one of the industry leaders in virtualization software. Without further ado, here is the video:

After watching the video, I could definitely relate to a few of the issues these professionals had. I know that the issues in the video can be pretty serious issues and can be tough to keep up with. In particular, the network guy talking about all the different apps and platforms really hit home with me. It can be really tough for one person or even a small team to keep up with the ever-changing market. read more

TinySpell – A Great Free Windows Spell Check Utility

I often find myself editing text in programs like notepad that don’t have spell check. There have been a few times that I have run into trouble due to a few small spelling mistakes when editing this text. Recently, I found a cool little utility called TinySpell that helped me to solve this problem.

TinySpell integrates itself with Windows and and checks spelling on the fly in almost all programs. TinySpell is super easy to use. I tested out the free version which should be enough for most users. Once the app is installed and running, it automatically starts checking spelling on the fly. read more

5 Solid and Free Windows 8 Firewalls

If you access the internet, then having a good firewall installed on your computer is a must. The Built-in Firewall protects the computer from abusive threats of local programs, while third-party Firewalls offer two-way protection. They protect your system from malware and allows safe access to websites. However, firewall protection has been built into Windows 8 and thus, paying for a third-party firewall utility may not attract many people. Fortunately, there are a number of free firewalls available on the market that are worth considering. read more

4 Sticky Notes Alternatives

With a busy office life and a myriad of tasks to organize in a short time, it is very hard to imagine life without sticky notes. Since you are using a computer most of the time, a digital way of organizing tasks and random notes that may crop up throughout the day is essential. In case you are using windows 7 or later, you are probably familiar with the sticky notes application that comes by default with the operating system. It may be useful for most of the tasks but there are those times you wish you had alternatives to revert to if you don’t feel like the default sticky notes was good enough for you. Well, you have found the right place since in this article, we will be taking a look at 4 sticky notes alternatives you can use for your daily task management and organizing a busy workday. read more