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A Useful Guide to Mac Security

We all know that Macs are relatively more secure than Windows computers by default, however, that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted.  It’s still important to care about your security and to make sure that you’re protected. Fortunately, Mac OS has several built-in security features you can easily set-up, and in this guide we’ll cover how to set up the most important ones.

Encrypt your startup disk with FileVault

FileVault 2 is a built-in full disk encryption tool in Mac devices. You can find it in Security and Privacy panel in System Preferences. By turning it on, FileVault 2 encrypts the entire Mac system drive utilizing a strong  XTS-AES 128 encryption form.  For decryption you’ll need your account password or a recovery key. read more

Cybercrime: Evil in the Emails

A 2016 cybersecurity study in Germany concluded that more than three-fourths of computer users were aware of the dangers of malicious links and malware in emails from unknown sources. Yet they clicked on those links anyway. When asked why they clicked on a link, common responses included that they were simply curious, or that they believed their workstations would protect them from malicious applications. Even cyber-security experts have been tricked into clicking on links that are in emails purporting to come from legitimate sources. read more

Deadly Viruses 101: The Worst Computer Viruses Of All Time

From opening an anonymous email to accidentally clicking on a website pop up, many of us have unfortunately had to deal with the nightmare that is a computer virus. While the consequences are varied — anything from shared information to a few hours of slow network traffic to even the infamous blue screen of death — computer viruses are something that many wish to avoid. Computer viruses have been an issue for decades and now contribute to billions of dollars of consumer losses each year. Let’s take a look at some of the most deadly viruses of all time — it may make you feel a bit better about that one time you unknowingly downloaded some virus-laden fake software. read more

Never Get a Virus Again

Being a software engineer, I get called quite often by friends or family to help them with a virus problem. In these instances, we can almost always get the virus removed. However, removing a virus can be a real time waster, even for tech experts. One of odd things about this is that I rarely, if ever, have to remove viruses from any of my personal computers. I think that their are some distinct reasons why I am able to avoid getting a computer virus. In this post, I am going to give you some of my personal tips so you never get a virus again. read more

Step-By-Step Guide to Removing a Virus

I get called quite often by a friend or family member to help remove a virus or malware. All viruses are quite annoying and the way to remove a virus isn’t always the same. Over time, I have been able to find a pretty solid step-by-step process for removing a virus. In my process, I perform the easiest most likely to work actions first and move on to the harder steps later. In this post, I want to share my process so that it can hopefully be of some assistance if you ever need to rid your PC of a virus or malware. read more