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Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $30

There are a ton of great gaming mice on the market right now. If you are an avid PC gamer, having a mouse that is built specifically for gaming is essential. The differences between a “normal” mouse and a gaming mouse are drastic. Gaming mice are more precise, more comfortable, more durable, and have other features a regular mouse just doesn’t have.

The prices of gaming mice are all over the place. You can find one for as little as $10 or you can pay well over $100 for one as well. This post aims to find a few of the best budget gaming mice available. read more

Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse Test

I am a pretty big gamer. I have been known to get into both FPS games like counter-strike and battlefield and RTS games like command and conquer and Starcraft. To play these games the right way, a good gaming mouse is essential. If you are a serious gamer, you should not under-estimate the value of a good gaming mouse.

In the past, I would swear by the Logitech MX518 gaming mouse. However, this mouse has been discontinued and is becoming very hard to find. Due to this, I decided it was time to find another mouse. Looking around, the most obvious choice was the Logitech G400 Mouse
. The G400 is built in a very similar way to the MX518. The G400 feels very much like the MX518. The G400 does boast a few upgrades over the MX518. To start, the DPI has been upgraded to 3600. The cord on the G400 is lighter when compared to the MX518 which is a small improvement as well. read more