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How to Choose the Right Speakers

If you’re going to spring for speakers to enhance your music or gaming experience, you’ll want to buy the best speakers that you can afford. This makes buying the right speakers—with regard to measurable sound quality, but also in terms of personal preference—absolutely crucial. Sinking a lot of money into a sound system, only to get home and find out that it isn’t at all what you were looking for, is an experience that no-one would appreciated.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can narrow down the list of options in advance. At a basic level, it comes down to knowing what you’re looking for, and where you’re going to find it, which we’ve gone on to describe in detail below.

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How to Improve Your MMORPG Experience on a Smartphone

Dedication to an MMORPG can keep you glued to your desktop computer for hours. Eventually, though, you have to rejoin the real world. Luckily, you can take some games with you. Learn how to improve your MMORPG experience, so you can have just as much fun on your smartphone as you do on your desktop.

Enhance the Sound with Headphones

Image via Flickr by Federico Ettlin

A handful of smartphones come with decent speakers. Realistically, though, it will take developers years before they make built-in speakers that can compete with headphones. By putting on a good pair of headphones or earbuds, you get better sound quality that keeps you immersed in your game.

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Qualcomm’s Soon-To-Be-Released Processor May Be Intel’s Biggest Rival

Qualcomm is set to take over the PC industry with the world’s first 48-core 10nm processor, the Centriq 2400. This processor aims to deliver improved performance with a lower power usage and is aimed for use in the newest smartphones. The processor will be released in the second half of 2017 and will rival tech giant, Intel.

In December 2016, Qualcomm announced its plan of creating its first 10nm server processor called the Centriq 2400. This second-generation Qualcomm server is the first of its type in the family of 10nm Fin Field-Effect Transistor processors.

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Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Whereas once upon a time the phrase “gaming laptop” was almost an oxymoron, nowadays rapidly advancing technology has led to the creation of mobile computers that are capable of running even the latest games on the market. While desktop computers will always have the upper hand when it comes to performance capabilities, there are a number of laptops that can easily hold their own in this regard. If you’re interested in creating the ideal gaming laptop to suit your needs and expectations, read on to find out the five most important aspects you’ll need to take into consideration.

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5 Interesting Applications Of EL Panel Technology

Everybody knows about LED technology. But there’s a little known type of lighting technology that has been around for years, with even more applications for tech hobbyists than LEDs. It’s called El Panels.

What is an EL Panel?

“EL” is actually an abbreviation for electroluminescent. Here’s how it works: when electricity is applied to a special combination of chemicals, contained in the EL panel, there is an optical reaction that emits light.

Oled Vs LED – What’s the difference?

Like LEDs, EL Panels are extremely energy efficient. However, EL Panels are bendable and can be safely shaped into many different forms. That’s because unlike LEDs, they are not made up of individual bulbs.

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