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7 Steps To An Epic Gaming Room…On a Budget

I love playing video games. It’s my hobby and my passion.

I love it so much in fact, that I set out to build a shrine for all the video game artifacts and collector’s items that I’ve gathered over the years.

I also wanted to build an all around awesome place to plop down and enjoy my latest PS4 pickup.

Trouble was, when I set out to build the ultimate gaming room for my collection, I was instantly hit with a MAJOR price tag.

Some of the room ideas that I really liked cost upwards of $30,000!! read more

How Gaming Can Help You in Real Life

How many times has your spouse or family told you to stop playing video games? If your answer to that common question is a lot, then trust me they have no idea to what the benefits of gaming are in real life. Today, it is the twenty-first century and because of the evolving age of technology video games are now becoming more realistic in not only graphics but also in the story-line. Now, because of the changing age of technology and video games, there are now multiple reasons to how they can help you in real life. Below I am going to detail the reasons for why video games are helpful to you and others in real life. read more

Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Whereas once upon a time the phrase “gaming laptop” was almost an oxymoron, nowadays rapidly advancing technology has led to the creation of mobile computers that are capable of running even the latest games on the market. While desktop computers will always have the upper hand when it comes to performance capabilities, there are a number of laptops that can easily hold their own in this regard. If you’re interested in creating the ideal gaming laptop to suit your needs and expectations, read on to find out the five most important aspects you’ll need to take into consideration. read more

Game Preview: Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4, COD: Black Ops III

I have to admit that I have been in a bit of a gaming rut lately. There have been a few decent games released recently. However, I seem to play them for a few weeks then fall back to CS:GO, BF4, or even StarCraft. This fall, this will all change with the release of a few highly anticipated games. Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4, and Black Ops III are all set to come out this November. I wanted to write a quick preview of these games in case you were thinking about picking them up.

Star Wars Battlefront read more

Are Laptops Good For Gaming?

A large population of computer users are avid fans of playing computer games. The level and complexity of the game may vary according to the age and choice of the user. However, one common question asked by people all over the globe happens to be, are laptops good for gaming? The answer to this is simple, certain specifically designed laptops are perfectly suitable to support and run all forms of high definition games while others may not support all the computer games. A large portion of people believe that desktop computers have greater strength and power to support the high definition and latest games, however, higher cost gaming laptops can be just as good as many desktops. read more