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Drone Delivery – How It Works and Why We Need It

We are pretty sure that you know how popular drones became in the last few years, and how people keep finding new ways to implement them in the everyday life and work. We have all seen drones being used for wedding photography and filming, real estate, roof inspections and many more things, but what about delivery? This is still uncharted territory, but some major companies like Amazon and UPS are working on making a delivery system that will use drones to deliver the packages. Since this is not a simple as one might think, we will not see drones flying around and delivering packages in the next year or two, but this idea will definitely not be put under a rug and it will be realized in less than 5 years from now, at least, that is how we see it. read more

Are Mobile Card Readers Pushing Cash Registers Into Obsolescence?

While still a relatively new feature of the marketplace, mobile credit card processors are starting to gain steam as the latest tech tool for personal and small business finance. More than 4 million users reportedly use this point-of-sale (POS) technology, according to The Simple Dollar. These devices work well in a range of nontraditional retail settings, and their ease of use and elegant design are encouraging those business owners who are less than tech-savvy to get on board the mobile credit card reader train. read more

Should you Choose a Laptop or a Tablet?

Choosing between a laptop and a tablet can be quite a tricky situation. As such, you can’t just pick one based on the mere fact that one is better than the other. There are some reasons and factors that come into play when talking about the two. Both the devices are great and can play almost the same roles, and choosing one is quite daunting. Nevertheless, deciding what you are going to use the device for can really help you make a decision between the two. This article brings out the pros and the cons of the two and leaves you to make the choice of the best one for you. read more

5 Best Electronics of 2013

Every year, there are a ton of new gadgets and devices that hit the market. From smartphones to video games systems to ultrabooks, there have been quite a few cool new electronics this year. In this post, I want to take a look at the 5 best electronics of 2013.

Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z is Sony’s way of getting back into the smartphone game. Sony’s new Xperia device really stands out as the next great Android phone. This device has a beautiful 1080p display, is waterproof, and has a great looking design. read more

How Investing In Plantronics Headsets Would Promote A More Efficient Workplace

Plantronics headsets are known for being durable and reliable. If you want performance, many claim that these are the headsets to get. They’re certainly well patronized as businesses all over the planet have chosen to invest in them, buying them in quantity for their employees’ use. Touted to provide the best and latest in hands-free communication technology, these headsets have been observed to promote a more efficient workplace.

Headsets are used in different situations and for various purposes. For instance, they can be used to get better call reception and audibility in a particularly noisy work environment. Noise cancellation is an important feature, but even without it, headsets just make call conversations much more comprehensible. With headsets, sound is increased and users are able to better concentrate on the call since background noise is considerably diminished. Ambient office sound, such as the dulled cacophony produced by various machines, movement, and conversation, is not able to intrude on the call. read more