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The Best 5 Apps For Saving Money

Banking and mobile finance apps have come a long way over the past few years. Most of these applications provide valuable services especially when it comes to tracking expenditures, saving money and managing personal finances. More so, these apps can help save as well as track money on the go, providing coupons and comparisons of different products as we shop online. The following is a roundup of the best apps for saving money that work on numerous platforms, which can help you get on track for a financially successful year. read more

4 of the Best Apps for Hikers

It is not surprising to see most of the travel and mapping companies together with GPS makers jumping into creating smart phone apps for various operating systems. The cameras, built-in GPS sensors, and high resolution color touch screens on these devices make them suitable, natural platforms for trail guides, maps, mileage and travel logs, photo taking, social media sharing and trip diaries. Here are some of the best apps for hiking.

Trimble Outdoors Navigator hiking GPS app

This app has a great set of features for hikers including five different maps (aerial, topographic, hybrid, terrain and topographic), a fully integrated GPS and the ability to store and download maps on the device. Therefore, you can use the maps even when out of data or cell phone range. Moreover, the navigator app is very rich in technical features for experienced hikers including the ability to describe, mark and store way-points, a digital compass showing the true and magnetic north, and also the ability to match your UTM coordinates or longitude/latitude to your GPS device or paper mark. read more

6 Best Apps for Free Calling and Texting

In the modern world, there are numerous mobile phone carriers offering various affordable and efficient plans for mobile phone users. However, there are many different packages for texting and calling with certain terms and conditions which may not be suitable for particular users.

Currently, there is a reliable and easy solution to resolve this issue. You can easily download an application for your smartphone to make free calls and texts to other people. Almost every smartphone user uses one app or another for this purpose. read more

Top 5 Best Apps For Traveling Internationally

No matter if you are a business person who is always on the go or you just love to see the world and to visit as many countries as possible, it is essential to understand that there are several smart phone applications that will come in handy. From applications that search and compare the prices for flight tickets to applications that will find you the best restaurants in a new town, there is an app for almost anything – and the great news is that most of them are entirely free of charge! That being said, here you will find a brief overview of the top 5 best apps for traveling internationally:. read more

The 6 Best Apps For Productivity

Productivity is a major issue for most people and businesses. According to a recent study by Streamline Inc, every day the average executive spends about 108 minutes simply reading and replying to emails. During an average work week this equates to a full day of lost work. And this is just one way that productivity is decreased due to information overload.

Cutting through this clutter and getting better organized doesn’t have to be impossible. Thanks to a number of excellent productivity apps anyone can become more efficient, streamline their work and succeed in the modern workplace. Below you can find some of the best apps for productivity currently on the market. read more