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iPad Air VS iPad 4

Apple has recently announced its all new iPad Air, subsequently a successor to the iPad 4. Apple’s fifth-generation tablet is finally up for sale on the market and has successfully grabbed lots of looks in the very first month. Assuming that you are not interested in Android or Windows 8, iPad Air can be a good pick if you are looking forward to investing in a good tablet. However, many people are already confused whether they should invest their hard earned cash in iPad 4 or iPad Air. If you are one of them, the below detailed comparison can help you make a better choice based on your preference. read more

Mac: How to Turn on File Extensions


In a recent previous post, we talked about turning on file extensions in Windows. It only makes sense that we look at how to do it on a Mac as well.

Hiding file extensions in mac has proven to be more dangerous when compared to other operating systems. When a file extension is hidden in windows OS, the operating system assigns a specific icon automatically that helps to establish the file type even when the extension is hidden. However, for mac, when file extension functionality is deactivated, malicious files may be allocated icons meant to confuse the user. When the user clicks on the icon, the file runs and causes damage. read more

The iPhone 5S Camera Is Good, But How Good?

“Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Apple touts the iPhone’s camera as the most popular in the world, but does that make it the best? Flickr’s camera finder page supports the claim, listing the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 as the top three most used cameras on the popular photo-sharing site. When Apple announced the iPhone 5s on September 10, it boasted the new camera as one of the best in a smartphone. The iPhone’s camera is always regarded for quality pictures, but how does it stack up against other cameras this year? read more

MobileGo for iOS by Wondershare Review

Have you ever wanted to pull a song or picture off of your iPhone or iPad? This can often be tougher than you would think since Apple doesn’t want its users freely moving music, videos, etc around. iTunes also has a few other limitations, particularly when it comes to syncing contacts and just generally backing up data/contacts/etc. This is where software like MobileGo comes in.

I recently had a chance to test out MobileGo for iOS. This is a handy little utility from Wondershare that allows you to transfer files, pictures, and music from an iPhone/iPad to your computer and vice versa. This software essentially makes it much easier to manage the files on your Apple device. According to Wondershare’s website, this software is 100% compatible with iPhone 5, 4S, iPod touch 5, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPad mini, the iPad, and more. read more

iPad Missing Manual Paperback and eBook

So, I have had the chance to play around with the iPad, and iPad mini for that matter, quite a bit lately. Generally speaking, I think the iPad is quite user friendly and generally, pretty easy to use. However, there were still a few things I wasn’t sure how do to. I decided to pick up the eBook version of iPad: The Missing Manual from Amazon to see if I could improve on my iPad knowledge.

Not to spoil my whole review, but after a combination of skimming and reading of this book, I was really impressed. The first chapter or so is a great read for beginners. I like to consider myself more of a tech expert, so I was able to skim over this a bit. I could really see this being useful for novices to the iPad or Apple in general though. read more