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Top Tips for Looking After Your New Macbook

A new Macbook is undoubtedly an exciting new investment. Regardless of model, storage capacity or color, your sleek, shiny, new machine needs care and attention in order to work at its optimum. It may sound daunting, especially for those who have never owned a Macbook before, but by paying attention to just a few key care areas, you and your new technology will get along swimmingly. Read on to find out the top tips for looking after your new Macbook!

Cases and Cleaning
Let’s start with the basics: put a hard case on your new Macbook. A Macbook ‘shell’ is a small but incredibly worthwhile investment that will help you to avoid general wear and tear, but could also potentially save your Macbook from more severe damage, for example if you were to drop it or spill something on or near it. Increase protection for your Macbook even further by simply buying a carry case to ensure safe transit and a keyboard cover and screen protector to keep the rest of the device clean. Wipe the entirety of the Macbook, particularly the keyboard and screen, with a slightly damp microfiber cloth regularly to prevent it from gathering dust. Finally, dust and dirt can be removed from the hinge between the screen and the base of the Macbook with a small, clean paintbrush or makeup brush. read more

Is the iPhone 6 The Right Choice For You?

The iPhone line represents one of the most widely used smartphones in the world, and so news of the newest additions to the legacy, the iPhone 6 and 6+, was met with widespread anticipation. Most eyes flocked to the flashier iPhone 6+ with its larger screen and more distinct form factor, but the iPhone 6 was also designed as a standout product and has plenty to offer the vast majority of Apple fans, new and old.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ is the much-hyped star of the two debuts, and for good reason. The obvious difference is the 5.5 inch screen, which is rated at 401 pixels per square inch for an ultra-high definition picture. Other improvements are to the camera, which incorporates the internal gyroscope for increased stability during action shots, and the upgraded battery rated for 24 hours of talk time. read more

How to Block Websites on your iPhone

iPhones and iPads have become the among the most popular gadgets in the world.  The many features, design elements, and customer service you receive with an iPhone are just a few of the reasons why these devices are so popular.

Though iPhones were released only a short while ago, they have quickly become one of the most used devices in the world. In iOS 6, it’s not possible to block specific websites in the Safari browser. However, if your iPhone is running on iOS 7, it’s possible to block particular websites in Safari. The Restrictions Option in Safari allows you to block any website you want. In iOS 7, this feature comes as a major relief for people who don’t want others to access specific websites on their iPhones. It’s worth mentioning that Apple announced users will also be able to block specific websites in iOS 8. Blocking websites in Safari on these versions of iOS is very easy. You just have to enter the website’s URL and Name to block it in your Safari browser on the iPhone. read more

6 Ways to Fix a Slow Mac

Most Mac users have experienced a slow Mac at least once. Fixing a slow Mac is very easy and inexpensive since most of the solutions are free. The following solutions will help to fix your slow Mac.

1. Spring Clean Your Mac

You can fix a slow Mac by emptying the trash, reducing widgets and applications, and cleaning the desktop. To clean the desktop, remove all unnecessary things that can use your computer”s virtual memory and space and store them in a folder. Emptying the trash bin creates more free space on your Mac as well. Also, spring clean your Mac by removing unused or unwanted files, software, and applications that may be occupying valuable space. You should also remove widgets since they waste a lot of hard drive space. read more

5 Cool iPad Air Accessories

So you recently bought your brand new iPad Air and you are enjoying every bit of it. Well, you are not alone, as this amazing gadget has successfully grabbed the attention of millions of people around the world. The demand has tremendously increased and soon the company plans to expand its market. Launched on November¬†1st 2013 in 40 countries, iPad Air is the fifth generation tablet which incorporates amazing features and class. But, since it is an Apple product, it seems incomplete without funky accessories attached to it. So, if you’re already enjoying the new iPad Air, and still feeling that something is incomplete, here are 5 cool iPad Air accessories that you need to invest in ASAP. read more