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New Features on the Latest Android Nougat Update

Android 7, also known as Android Nougat is the latest version of the Android operating system. It was previously compatible with only Google phones like the Nexus and Pixel versions, but lately many other smartphone companies are updating their mobile phones with the latest Android version. Nougat comes with a whole lot of new and exciting features useful for all types of users starting from students to corporate officials. While some features are small upgrades of the previous version, i.e., Android Marshmallow, most features are new and also helpful to the users. Let us discuss some of the important features of Android Nougat. read more

How To Block Websites On Android

Why block websites on Android? First of all, Android phones have become quite popular among kids and teenagers of all ages. Obviously, not all sites are safe for kids, and parents might as well consider blocking those sites on their kids’ smartphones. On the other hand, some adults find certain websites too addictive, affecting their concentration levels and productivity in day-to-day work. As a result, they may prefer blocking these sites for certain amount of time or until their work is done. read more

Everything We Know About Android 4.4 KitKat

Good news for Android users! The latest version of the popular OS is just around the corner. In fact, it’s already rolled out early in November 2013 for devices in the Nexus line – and should get released eminently for other popular devices.

In case you’d like a quick round-up of everything worthy of note regarding this update, read through this article to find out.

Why is it called Android “Kitkat”?

Since the earlier versions of Android, Google has adopted a system for code names – and so far all versions have followed the same pattern, that of an alphabetically ordered dessert name. Well, this time around they decided to pick a dessert which happens to have a brand name to it – and then they happened to strike a friendly JV with the parent company of said brand. Simply genius or simply annoying? We still can’t make up our minds about it. read more

Tips to Ensure Your Android Won’t Run Out of Battery Too Fast

If you reach out to happy Android phone users worldwide and ask them what is the biggest shortcoming of their phone – 90% of people will likely mutter “battery autonomy”.

Whereas with cell phones of a few years back users were accustomed to running for several days on a single charge… most Android smartphones will likely require a daily charge to stay functional. And that isn’t entirely linear either: depending on what you do with your phone, you can burn through a full charge in fewer than 5 or 6 hours! read more

7 Reasons Why Chinese Smartphones Are No Longer Junk

Good old Chinese smartphones… always cheap and often even more ridiculous than their negligible price tag. Everyone can rely on a Chinese smartphone not to be reliable. Right? Well, if you subscribe to the mindset above, this article will show you your reasoning is out of date and plain wrong.

Most people are familiar with the low cost iPhone knock-offs that have spawned furiously from the East over the past half decade. What everyone does not know is that in the past year or so, they’ve started to get things right. Nowadays, it is very possible to find much satisfaction and outstanding cost effectiveness by choosing the right Asian brand phone. read more