How to Block Websites on your iPhone


iPhones and iPads have become the among the most popular gadgets in the world.  The many features, design elements, and customer service you receive with an iPhone are just a few of the reasons why these devices are so popular.

Though iPhones were released only a short while ago, they have quickly become one of the most used devices in the world. In iOS 6, it’s not possible to block specific websites in the Safari browser. However, if your iPhone is running on iOS 7, it’s possible to block particular websites in Safari. The Restrictions Option in Safari allows you to block any website you want. In iOS 7, this feature comes as a major relief for people who don’t want others to access specific websites on their iPhones. It’s worth mentioning that Apple announced users will also be able to block specific websites in iOS 8. Blocking websites in Safari on these versions of iOS is very easy. You just have to enter the website’s URL and Name to block it in your Safari browser on the iPhone.

How to Block a Website on iPhone

It’s important to understand that most parents in the world share their mobile phones with kids. Thus, it’s important to block specific websites to restrict their kids from accessing adult sites, gambling sites, social media and more. Simply follow the steps below to block a site on your iPhone or iPad.

  • The first step is to open up Settings. This can be accessed from your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • Next, select General.
  • Now, you need to click on Restrictions.
  • In the case you have already enabled your iPhone’s Restrictions, you will need to enter your Passcode. Otherwise, you need to enable Restrictions, and create a new passcode.
  • Under the Allowed Content, you need to click on Websites.
  • The next step is to click on Add A Website. You will see this listed under Never Allow.
  • The last step is to click Done. The website will now be blocked.
  • You can repeat this for all the sites you want to block.

Hopefully you find the above steps easy enough. This will make sure your kids and other people don’t have access to restricted websites on your iPhone.

I would recommend giving this a quick test as well. Simply enter the website’s URL in your Safari browser’s address bar. If you see a fatal error, you’ve successfully blocked the website.

Important Tip – These days, most websites also have mobile versions. Therefore, when you want to block a website, you also need to block the mobile version. For instance, if you block, you also need to block This will make sure none of the versions of this website can be opened on your iPhone.

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