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What is the Best Way to Download a YouTube Playlist

YouTube has become a popular site for listening to music or watching videos. If you are online, you can watch as many videos as you wish. However, you can’t always be connected to the Internet. Sometimes you want to watch videos while not connected to the Internet. In this case, you can simply download the playlist to your Windows or Mac device for later use.

Let’s look at how to do it.

Using Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to Download Videos

To download YouTube videos to your PC or Mac, I would recommend you Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app. It is easy and fast to use. Best of all, it is completely free. With this application, you can download YouTube videos without losing any quality. You can download multiple videos at once and convert these playlists to iTunes. read more

General Motors Switch to Electric Cars: How Will This Impact the Future of Auto Tech?

GM is joining the gravitation towards hybrid and all-electric vehicles that has been occurring in the wider automotive environment for some time. Last week, the automaker announced it will have 20 electric cars on the road by 2023, with plans to virtually eliminate the production of all vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

Concerns for the environment play a factor but no doubt financial influences and the ability to innovate faster than rival Tesla are also present and it’s got many talking about how this move by General Motors will compare with the line of Tesla electric vehicles already on the market. It’s no secret that Tesla is one of the most influential manufacturers of e-vehicles, however, recent bottlenecks concerning the production of the Model 3 show that implementing green technology is logistically challenging. read more

How is Technology Revolutionizing the Car Industry?

Technology seems to be transforming every facet of modern life and the car industry is certainly no different. Thanks to a host of innovative features, getting from one place to another has never been easier. Let us take a brief look at three sectors which have been dramatically impacted as well as the benefits that consumers can now enjoy.

The Car Industry

Besides devices such as built-in GPS systems, one of the most staggering innovations involves the growing presence of the driverless car. To be fair, this idea has been around for some time. However, there were a number of hurdles which required more advanced technological solutions. read more

TradeGecko: The Smart Cloud-Based Inventory Management System to Power Up Your Business

With TradeGecko’s inventory and order management system, small businesses can manage and account for all their inventory, orders, and customers in one place – streamlining operations and maximizing profit.

TradeGecko: an entrepreneurial and technological journey

TradeGecko began in 2012 when brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, along with Carl Thompson, saw a gap in the market after Carl encountered his fair share of inventory headaches when running his own clothing eCommerce business. They resolved to create a sophisticated inventory management solution and moved to Singapore to join technology accelerator JFDI – where their product came to life. read more

Finding a Smartphone with the Best Storage Solution

Before making a choice on which kind of Smartphone to purchase, consumers consider the internal storage capacity among several other factors. However, the amount of storage capacity available for use in different devices tends to differ from what is actually promised. This implies that phones with 16, 32 and 32 GB storage solution can have lesser capacity than what is indicated on product labels. One of the main reasons why such storage capacity tends to be low is the fact that the Operating System (OS) takes much of the space. Phones are also shipped with pre-installed applications, often known as Bloatware, which congest the phone’s’ storage. It has been debated whether manufacturers should be frank enough to inform the consumers on the actual space available of such Smartphones. read more