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2018 trends of SEO technologies

This is the age of technology. The beauty of technology is that it is changing every day. That which is the trend today might just become outdated tomorrow. Online marketing techniques have come to stay. When you have online marketing, SEO comes into the picture. The principal objective of SEO is to take your business website to the top of the SERPs.

Every year you see new algorithm updates that set the rules for SEO technologies to follow. The year 2017 did not see many algorithms or updates. Nevertheless, it had been an exciting year for SEO. The technologies that came up in 2017 were SMERUSH, Tribelocal, and AHREF, etc. These technologies have tremendous scope in 2018 as well. However, we shall look at some exciting new trends in SEO technologies that could emerge in 2018. read more

Using Radar for App Development

There are a ton of tools available for app developers in today’s market. Some of them can be quite helpful depending on what you want to do with your app. Today, I am going to take a look at Radar and a few of their offerings.

=&0=&is a location platform for mobile apps. Radar provides tools that help app developers add location tracking and context to their apps. For example, a shopping app can send a push notification when someone walks into a Walmart or a Starbucks. Or, a travel app may to change the in-app experience when someone is traveling and at an airport. Or a delivery app can help track all the delivery drivers. App developers can use our iOS and Android toolkits (software development kits, or “SDKs”) to add these capabilities to their apps in just a few lines of code. Building these capabilities from scratch can take weeks or months, but integrating Radar takes only a few hours. Radar has three core features:
  • Geofencing. With Geofencing, Radar will tell you when a user enters custom regions (“geofences”) that you draw on a map. Geofences can be circles or polygons, and they might represent stores, neighborhoods, or other regions depending on your use case.
  • Insights. With Insights, Radar will learn where a user lives and works, and tell you when a user is at home, at work, or traveling.
  • Places. With Places, Radar will tell you when a user is at a place, a chain (e.g., Starbucks), or a category (e.g., airport), even if you haven’t set up a geofence for that place.

As you can see from the above features, this tool could be really handy if you need or want to use location services at all in your app. There is also a free option for smaller apps if you want to check it out before committing any money.

Have you tried this tool? If so, let me know what you think in the comments. read more

A Useful Guide to Mac Security

We all know that Macs are relatively more secure than Windows computers by default, however, that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted.  It’s still important to care about your security and to make sure that you’re protected. Fortunately, Mac OS has several built-in security features you can easily set-up, and in this guide we’ll cover how to set up the most important ones.

Encrypt your startup disk with FileVault

FileVault 2 is a built-in full disk encryption tool in Mac devices. You can find it in Security and Privacy panel in System Preferences. By turning it on, FileVault 2 encrypts the entire Mac system drive utilizing a strong  XTS-AES 128 encryption form.  For decryption you’ll need your account password or a recovery key. read more

How to Compress HD Files without Quality Loss

HD is a buzz word of the recent years. We need smartphones with Full HD cameras, prefer watching HD clips on YouTube, buy only HD movies, etc.

Indeed, HD video content has a range of advantages as compared to the standard or mobile resolution. 1080p and 720p videos provide a picture of better quality; it’s more pleasant and healthy for our eyes.

Still there is one obvious drawback of HD video files. It’s their huge file size. If your device memory isn’t too large, it might be a real problem to store numerous HD videos on it. Plus, large video files are slow to upload and download. So it’s almost impressive to send them via email or direct messages. read more

What Is Help Desk Software and How Does It Work?

Help desk software allows companies to resolve certain tech related issues faster. The IT departments of these companies can work better and in a more efficient manner. With the help of help desk software, the IT department will no longer go through the log issues manually or dig through messy emails just to get to the bottom of every problem.

Using this system, everything is automated. Information is also centralized. Everyone will also be alerted about certain information or emails. The employees also benefit since they no longer have to track down someone from tech support to help them. They just need to submit a ticket to the help desk system and their requests will be entertained. Appropriate steps will then be taken to stop the problem. Here are other ways in which help desk software can be of huge help. read more