The Advent Of Social Media Influencers And Their Impact

Social media influencers have become very common when it comes to marketing of products and brands. In fact, most people now prefer them than any other social media marketing strategy. The fact that more individuals are spending time online gives more light to the importance of social media influencers in pulling masses. It is important to note though that influencers are not just people with a large number of following on their profiles only. Influencers that can move masses and bring in a great audience need to be people who are pros when it comes to social media strategies. Therefore the skills are more important than just the numbers. Yes the number of followers matter but still without a proper plan the followers cannot be harnessed correctly.

Social media influencing is the ability to reach out to a group of people whether large or small and effectively get their following. Social media influencers have become quite loved and appreciated by business owners due to the fact that they are cost-effective and affordable to use as compared to the other high-end marketing techniques. Take for example using newspapers and billboards, this would prove very expensive and therefore not many would be able to afford. Especially for small and start-up businesses, social media is a very effective tool to use when it comes to marketing. Therefore social media influencers have gained fame as an effective medium for marketing brands and products.

There are many businesses and individuals that have made use of influencers. In fact, these days almost everyone is using an influencer. This has led to the mushrooming of influencers as just about everyone is one. The impact of social media influencing is many and given below is just one impact of this marketing strategy:

The demise of commercials

Due to the excessive use of influencers, businesses are now avoiding the use of other means of marketing and thus killing them slowly. For example, the use of TV and magazine commercials has decreased as some companies, including the well-developed ones, have turned to social media as an avenue for marketing.


The social media space and marketing to be precise has become a very competitive field with stake holders getting involved on a regular basis. The spiraling of social media influencers has also caused a rise in the competition for attention. As much as this competition may be healthy, it is also not very advisable because it leads to confusion of the very customers who are supposed to be buying the products and services.

Competition has led to the need for quantity rather than quality. So long as you have a good number of followers, then you are definitely going to be hired for a marketing job. Sometimes however, it’s not all about the numbers but also about the quality of work done.

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