5 Interesting Applications Of EL Panel Technology

Everybody knows about LED technology. But there’s a little known type of lighting technology that has been around for years, with even more applications for tech hobbyists than LEDs. It’s called El Panels.

What is an EL Panel?

“EL” is actually an abbreviation for electroluminescent. Here’s how it works: when electricity is applied to a special combination of chemicals, contained in the EL panel, there is an optical reaction that emits light.

Oled Vs LED – What’s the difference?

Like LEDs, EL Panels are extremely energy efficient. However, EL Panels are bendable and can be safely shaped into many different forms. That’s because unlike LEDs, they are not made up of individual bulbs.

So how can you use EL panels? Here are 5 different applications.

1.   Light up t-shirts

One of the most interesting applications of EL technology has been in t-shirts. The flexible material allows you to customize the design of the shirt. According to Flashion Statement employees from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Linkedin, The Onion, Sonic, and Senor Frogs have all been spotted in custom light up shirts with their logo for promotional events. Some other people you may have seen using EL technology: hobbyists who make their own shirts for cosplay, ravers wearing them at concerts, and school dance teams at football games. The shirts are even machine washable – which is something you could never do with LEDs!

2.   Interior Design

Want to up the cool factor on our man cave? Or add some artistic accents to the interior of your home? El panels can be made into custom posters or lights. They can even be applied to staircases or furniture!

3.   Stickers

That’s right. El panels are so flexible that they can be made into stickers! And they’re not just for adults either. One of the most common places you may see these is on children’s backpacks and Halloween costumes. Even as an adult, you will be the life of the party (or comic con) if your costume has some El stickers on it. The panels can even be animated into different patterns. If you’re at a concert the patterns can be sound activated or manually turned on with a switch.

4.   Cars

If you like to race or restore cars, then EL Panels are a cool add on. The race number on the side of the car can be made of a magnetic EL Panel to help the car stand out, especially at night. They can also be used to illuminate the interior of the car. In fact, the 1960 Dodge Charger was the first car to use this type of technology in the dashboard.

5. Tape

You may be wondering where you would ever use El tape. But it’s actually used in a variety of places: from indoor mini golf courses, to haunted halloween houses, and birthday parties.

There are so many different applications of El Panels. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business, add a little flair to your projects with one.

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