10 Must Have Gadgets in 2013

The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted some of the most anticipated gadgets for 2013, which range from new smartphones to innovative game consoles. Other great gadgets to look out for this year include new attempts to get virtual reality right, super capacity USB drives, and personal assistant devices that monitor your everyday fitness. More on these gadgets, and others, can be found below:

1 – Edge Razer Gaming Tablet

A device that allows you to combine the power of a PC with a tablet sized device, the Edge Razer uses a Windows 8 platform, but with a 10.1 inch screen and a powerful CPU allows you run games on a more portable device. The Edge Razer also comes with a 1366×768 resolution.

2 – Samsung 4K Easel Television

There were a lot of new televisions being shown at CES, but the most impressive was arguably Samsung’s 4K Easel Television – at a whopping 85 inches, it’s probably not something that’s going to be appearing in people’s living rooms immediately, but is notable for its ambition – the screen is also set up with an ‘easel’ design to appear to be floating.

3 – Oculus Rift

Getting virtual reality set ups to actually deliver on their potential has long been a challenge for the tech industry; the Oculus Rift, developed with funding from Kickstarter, appears to be one step closer, offering an immersive head set and some early concept games.

4 – Huawei Ascend Mate

This new smartphone further pushes at the size of devices, with a 6.1 inch screen coming with a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 1.5 GhZ ii-Silicon processor, as well as a 4050 mAh battery. The Ascend Mate is set to come with Android 4.1, and will run rivals close with its high quality screen and resolution.

5 – Kingston HyperX Predator 1TB

A new 3.0 flash drive, the Kingston HyperX Predator can store 1TB of data, and offers transfer speeds of 240 MB/s for reading, and 160 MB/s for writing. The drive is made from a zinc alloy, and is resistant to shocks.

6 – OD-11 Cloud Speakers

These speakers rely on a wireless connection and a smooth, cube shaped design – the speakers can also handle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and are set up to be as efficient as possible in terms of energy consumption.

7 – Aedle VJ-1

A superior set of headphones, the Aedle VJ-1s are made from aircraft quality titanium and a leather head strap, all of which contribute to 40mm drivers for an ideal level of sound and comfort.

8 – NVIDIA Project Shield

Another innovative game console, the NVIDIA Project Shield is a game controller that an be hooked up to a 5 inch Retina display for streaming Android games and PC games from the cloud. A Tegra 4 micro processor, and HDMI and USB connections complete the device’s features.

9 – Withings Smart Activity Tracker

This device can be set up to track your activity throughout the day, from the number of steps you take to the amount of calories you consume; use the device with sensors to evaluate your lifestyle, and to try a new exercise regimen.

10 – BMW M Chronograph Watch

The German car manufacturer BMW have applied their tech skills to this Chronograph watch, which comes in stainless steel, and is waterproof to 100m – the watch also features Swiss quartz and a mineral case for added luxury.

Author By Liam Ryan

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